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The writing consultant will ask you to explain the assignment you are working on and then ask questions about your writing goals and concerns. Depending on the writing situation, writing consultants may use different strategies at this point. Strategies often used in tutorials include

  • Reading the draft aloud so you can hear how it sounds
  • Identify the purpose, goals, and intended audience of your writing
  • Discussing different strategies and techniques you could use in the writing
  • Demonstrating and modeling different strategies and techniques.
  • Referring to resources such as dictionaries, handbooks and style guides
  • Cutting a draft into smaller pieces and rearranging them in different ways
  • Creating a ‘mind-map’ or outline of your paper’s ideal structure
  • Utilizing the assignment’s guidelines/rubric as a ‘checklist’ to ensure that your paper has met your professor’s expectations for the assignment

Yes — we strongly recommend that you make appointments to guarantee that you will have a sufficient amount of uninterrupted time with a writing-consultant. Walk-ins are sometimes available, but there is no guarantee.  The later in the semester, the less likely we will have one available at the last minute.

You can make appointments by dropping by any of our writing center locations, calling us at 303-556-6070, or using our online appointment system.


We work with writers in all areas of study, at all levels, in all stages of their writing processes, and with all types of writing projects. The Writing Center offers students resources for developing as writers and thinkers, sharing their work and ideas, and receiving thoughtful feedback on work in progress in a practical, friendly, collaborative environment. In our humble opinion, all students would benefit from working with a writing consultant.

Don’t worry if you haven't yet written anything. We can help you get a draft started!

You can come to the Writing Center at any stage of your writing process. We encourage writers to come in as soon as an assignment has been given, even before composing the first draft! At that point, writing consultants can help you break the assignment down into tasks and figure out how much time to allow for each task.

We can also help you brainstorm topic ideas or approaches, revise drafts, integrate and document sources, and do all sorts of other things.

The duration of a consultation varies. The standard length for tutorials is 40 minutes. We also offer 10-minute "speed tutoring" sessions for students who just have a quick question, such as "did I cite this source correctly?

1. Make an appointment.

2. Think about what you’d like help with. Our writing consultants can help you with global issues that affect your entire 8composition (such as depth and thoroughness of arguments, clarity of thesis, organization, thesis, and support) and local issues that affect individual sentences (such as syntax, grammar, and punctuation). Your writing consultant will be best able to use the time allotted for your session if you provide him or her with specific global and/or local issues that you would like some help with. Consultants would prefer to work on global issues, if they exist, because those affect the entire piece of writing.

Don't worry if you haven't yet written anything. We can help you get a draft started.

3. Bring your assignment sheet/prompt and/or rubric with you so your writing consultant can understand the assignment’s requirements and can examine how closely your rough draft meets the criteria. If your assignment involves conducting research, either bring your source material with you or be prepared to find it online during your session.

A writing consultant will help you learn to identify and correct any punctuation and grammar issues, but they will not "fix" the issues for you. If you struggle with grammar and punctuation, we recommend that you begin working with a Writing Center consultant regularly, perhaps as often as once a week. 

  • Students can only have one appointment per assignment per day.  For example if a student has two assignments, they can make two appointments in one day for each individual assignment.  There is no limit on the number of appointments a student can have in a week.
  • Students may make recurring appointments.
  • Students who are more than ten minutes late for an appointment may have their appointment slots given away to walk-ins.
  • Students who are no-shows for two appointments in a semester can only have walk-in appointments for the rest of the semester.
  • Multiple students can participate in a session. Be sure the appointment you make in WCOnline indicates that multiple students will participate in the session.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call the Writing Center at 303-556-6070.

No, you must meet with a writing consultant and discuss your assignment and writing. 

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