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How to Help Us Help Your Students

The MSU Denver Writing Center can help students at any stage of a writing project, from finding a topic to organizing the content to producing the final draft. We can help students find topics, say what they really mean, plan and organize a writing project, document source material, avoid plagiarism, make writing less stressful, learn how to proofread their work, and more.

 How to get your students to use the Writing Center:

  • Mention the Writing Center in your syllabus.
  • Schedule a Writing Center orientation in the Writing Center to coincide with their first writing assignment. Go to to schedule an orientation.
  • Hand out Writing Center stickers in class and walk students through the “sticking” process.
  • Email the Writing Center flyer to your students.
  • Remind students periodically that you recommend the Writing Center for all writers.
  • Present visiting the Writing Center as a smart thing for all writers to do, rather than as a punitive measure for weak writers.


 How to help your students get the most out of the Writing Center:

  • Write detailed assignment sheets that students can bring with them to their Writing Center appointments. 
  • Provide models or anti-models of what you want.
  • Encourage students to make appointments at the Writing Center. 



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