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Everyone! We work with writers in all areas of study, at all writing levels, in all stages of their writing processes, and with all types of writing projects. The Writing Center offers students resources for developing as writers and thinkers, sharing their work and ideas, and receiving thoughtful feedback on works-in-progress in a practical, friendly, collaborative environment. In our humble opinion, all students would benefit from working with a writing consultant.

WC: Welcome all writers, in many languages

Please call the Writing Center front desk (KC 415) at 303-615-1888, or contact Yvonne Reed at

We are currently working on a pilot program for online courses, but in the meantime, we have an online orientation video, here.  And you can tell your students to view it by clicking on the button at the very top of the Writing Center homepage.

Generally, a writing consultant will ask the student to explain the assignment they are working on and then ask questions about the student’s writing goals and concerns. Note that it is especially helpful if the student brings in a copy of the assignment's instructions and/or rubric.

Depending on the writing situation, our consultants may use different strategies at this point. Strategies often used during our sessions include:

  • Asking questions about the student’s purpose and goals in the piece of writing
  • Reading the draft out loud so the student can hear how it sounds
  • Asking the student to read their draft aloud so the consultant can hear how it sounds
  • Discussing different strategies and techniques the student could use in their writing process
  • Demonstrating and modeling different strategies and techniques
  • Referring to materials in our resource library (e.g., dictionaries, handbooks, style guides)
  • Cutting a draft into smaller pieces and rearranging them in different ways
  • Breaking a draft into separate chunks to better understand how the argument or ideas are organized in the paper

Of course, what happens during a writing consultation varies from student to student. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so we strive to to work with students in ways that best serve their writing needs.


The standard length for tutorials is 40 minutes. However, we also offer 10-minute 'Ask-a-Question' sessions for students who just have a quick question, such as, "Did I cite this source correctly?"

For students in the Roadways Into Developing English Skills (RIDES) program, we offer 30-minute sessions with a writing center consultant who is trained specifically for the program. RIDES sessions will help ELL students with the lower order concerns (article use, punctuation, grammar, etc.) unique to their situation. More information about the RIDES program is available under Student Resources.

I'm so glad you asked! We offer a variety of services for students and teachers. Every semester we have workshops that students can attend and learn about citations, grammar, punctuation, and other common issues (See homepage for the schedule). We are also working on a menu of interactive workshops that we can do for any of your individual classes.

In the meantime, if you are interested in an in-class workshop or orientation, please contact the director, Elizabeth Kleinfeld, at 303-615-1316 or

Students can come to the Writing Center at any stage of their writing process!

We recommend that students come in as soon as they have an assignment, but before they’ve started writing. At that point, we can help students break the assignment down into more manageable tasks and figure out how much time to allow for each task. We often help students brainstorm topic ideas or approaches, revise drafts, integrate and document source material.

We no longer offer appointment verification slips. We have replaced this with our Writing Center Session Reflection Form.

The student will have to bring in a copy of the form or request it when they come in for their appointment. After their session, the student will be asked to fill out the form, sign and date it, and then we will stamp it. The Reflection Forms are stamped only after the student has completed their session and filled out the form. We have stamps for the full 40-minute appointments, as well as for the 10-minute appointments.  *Please note that we will not stamp blank forms. 

You can find a (printable) copy of the Writing Center Session Reflection Form here.


Yes. We strongly recommend that students schedule appointments ahead of time to guarantee that they will have a full 40 minutes of uninterrupted time with a writing consultant.

Students can schedule appointments:

  • Online, at
  • By calling our main location, in KC 415, at 303-615-1888
  • In person, by coming into any one of our Writing Center locations - (Click here to view a map of our locations)

However, if availability permits, we can accomodate walk-ins. That is, we will try our best to give the student some time with a writing consultant who is between sessions (i.e., before the consultant's next scheduled appointment). 

Students can schedule appointments: 

  • Online, at 
  • By calling our main location, in KC 415, at 303-615-1888
  • In person, by coming into any one of our Writing Center locations - (Click here to view a map of our locations)


For more information, you can watch the Writing Center Orientation Video here.


No, we are not an editing service. We will help your students learn to identify and correct their errors themselves, but we do not make corrections to papers. Our philosophy is that students should do the work and we should facilitate that. We want you to be confident that the paper you grade was written 100% by your student and not by our consultant.

No, students must meet with a writing consultant and discuss their assignment and writing.

Absolutely! We recognize that there is always some room for improvement and that writers at all levels could benefit from having another pair of eyes on their writing. We have a dedicated group of professional writing consultants who often have experience teaching the composition courses on campus. All of our professional writing consultants (and peer-consultants) are more than happy to work with you on your projects.  

If you are interested, please contact the director, Elizabeth Kleinfeld, at 303-615-1316 or

Contact the director, Elizabeth Kleinfeld, at 303-615-1316 or