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Faculty Resources

As we are writing experts rather than experts in your discipline and your discipline’s writing conventions, please note that we cannot provide students with feedback on content; however, we can help students with any aspect of their writing process and with elements of their writing that transcend disciplinary concerns. For example, we can help your students determine whether their writing has a clear thesis statement or focus, whether their points are developed, whether sources are integrated and cited appropriately, and whether they have done what your assignment asks them to do (which is why we really like when you put your assignments in writing!).

 The Writing Center can help your students in their writing processes for any assignment you give that involves writing, including summary and response papers, journals, case study reports, research projects, collaborative projects, and presentations.


Faculty Resources

handout help us help your students : Simple strategies to encourage your students to use the Writing Center and help us ensure productive sessions with your students.

Blurbs you can copy and paste into your syllabus about the Writing Center: Students are most likely to come to the Writing Center in a timely manner if they know about us and our services early in the semester. Why not mention us in your syllabus? Feel free to simply copy and paste the blurbs here right into your syllabus or assignment sheets.

Make an appointment for a class orientation: Orientations last about 10-15 minutes and provide an overview of our services and policies. Students are 40% more likely to visit the Writing Center on their own if they've been to an orientation. We recommend that you bring your entire class to the Writing Center for the orientation, but if that's not possible, one of our tutors can visit your class and do the orientation in your classroom.

How to make required WC visits work These guidelines will help you make sure your students do more than simply show up at the Writing Center. 

Model assignment requiring WC visit. This assignment written by Dr. Jessica Parker for her ENG 1010 class can be easily modified for any writing assignment in any class.

Reflection form. You can give this form to students when you tell them about the Writing Center. It explains what the Writing Center does and doesn't do and has space for the student to write a brief reflection on the session afterwards. You can ask students to submit the completed form to you after they work with a tutor.

Faculty Referral Form : Use this form to refer a student to the Writing Center. 

Writing Center Orientation Video 

flyer be unpredictible: You can print it out or simply send students the link.

Faculty Survey of Writing Center Services: Let us know how we can best support you and your students.

Ben Rafoth's essay, "Why You Should Visit Your Campus Writing Center": Consider making this short essay required reading for your students. 

MIT Videos on Peer Response (close-captioned): 



This article on Peer Review proposes a model for in-class peer review based on the Flower and Hayes model on revision processes.  According to their findings, “ Often lower-ability writers benefitted more from receiving feedback from lower-ability reviewers, while higher-ability writers benefitted equally from receiving feedback from lower-ability and higher-ability reviewers. This result leads to the practical recommendation of grouping students by ability during peer assessment, contrary to student beliefs that only feedback from high ability peers is worthwhile"(Patchan and Schunn 227).

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