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Sites Wordpress Plugins and Themes

The "Sites" Wordpress system is running the wordpress multi-site configuration and hosts various wordpress instances.  We have limited support to install custom plugins and themes, however if you would like to request a plugin or theme, they must meet the following requirements below:

  • Plugin or Theme must be Wordpress Multi-Site compatible.  Please refer to the plugin or themes website on for more information about compatibility.

  • Plugin or Theme must be free of charge

  • Requests for plugin or theme musthave a plugin URL from  Below are the search sites for locating the plugin's page:
  • Plugin or Theme should have a minimum of 30,000 installations.  The number of installations indicates the quality and support of the plugin.
  • Plugin or Theme should have been updated in the last calendar year.  Requests for a plugin or theme that have not been updated in the last year can be considered, however may not be compatible as they may not support the current version of wordpress we are running.

All Requests for plugin's or themes go through a review process to determine compatibility and a security assessment by our ITS Security team to ensure the plugin's currently do not pose a threat to the wordpress environment. 

Requests for plugin's should be made in advance as this process can take 2-4 weeks to evaluate, test, and install plugins into the production wordpress system.

If you would like to propose a potential wordpress plugin or theme for consideration, please complete a ITS Helpdesk request form at with the following information (the more information provided in the initial request will help expedite the process):

  • Name, Department, contact phone and email
  • Name of wordpress plugin or theme
  • URL of the plugin or theme

If you have any questions, please submit a ITS Helpdesk request form at with as much information as possible and a member of the Wordpress support team will respond to your request.


Sites Wordpress System Themes and Plugins installed (as of 10/02/2015)




  • Atahualpa ( )
  • Catch Box ( )
  • Coraline ( )
  • Custom Community ( )
  • Customizr (
  • Easel (no longer supported by creator, but still available)
  • Eclipse (
  • Esquire (no longer supported by creator, but still available)
  • evolve (
  • Flat Responsive (
  • Graphene (
  • Haxel (
  • Hybrid (
  • iFeature (
  • Magazine Basic (
  • Mantra (
  • Minimatica (
  • Mystique (
  • P2 (
  • PageLines (
  • Pilcrow (
  • Pinboard (
  • Platform (
  • Portfolio Gallery (
  • Portfolio Press (
  • Responsive (
  • Simple Catch (
  • Sliding Door (
  • Spacious (
  • Suffusion (
  • Swift (
  • Thematic (
  • Toolbox (no longer supported by creator, but still available)
  • Twenty Ten (
  • Twenty Eleven (
  • Twenty Twelve (
  • Twenty Thirteen (
  • Twenty Fourteen (
  • Twenty Fifteen (
  • Twenty Sixteen (
  • Twenty Seventeen (
  • WP-Creativix (

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