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What's new in v.8?

TerminalFour v.8 has been re–developed with a new User Interface (UI), an improved User Experience (UX) and architecture – including the introduction of new frameworks which speed up development time, facilitate faster addition of new features and systems improvements.

TerminalFour Login Screen
TerminalFour Login Screen

Complete technical modernization of TerminalFour

  • Improved UI and UX – v.8 will be easier to navigate, more intuitive
  • Web pages will be more scalable – able to handle greater amount of data and users
  • Faster response times – quicker to load web pages
  • Improved TinyMCE (Content Editor) - easier to use and compatible with all modern  browsers

Mobile and Tablet Interface

TerminalFour version 8 Site Structure
TerminalFour version 8 Site Structure
  • Redesigned, responsive User Interface (UI)
  • Optimized for mobile devices to ensure an optimum experience across mobiles and desktop
  • Improved load times to ensure a better experience regardless of available bandwidth
  • Consistent UI – no training for existing users
  • Easily roll back an import, removing any changes made
  • Various bug fixes
  • Direct Edit (extensively re-worked)

New Media Library 

  • Crop and resize an image within one step and create separate Variants of the image
  • Drag and drop files from your machine directly in the Media Library
  • Modify a category on a mobile device

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