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Artistic photo of the multi-colored tent roof, held up by wooden poles with lights shining all around. As the poles provide the support for the tent, in the same way OUE provides an integral support to the University through planning, decision-making, and program improvement.

A multi-team office that supports the effectiveness of decisions and continuous improvement made across campus.

CAVEA is a unique, staffed venue supporting complex decision-making. The CAVEA venue and services are available to clients internal and external of the university.

Business Intelligence is an analysis team that supports data-informed decision making across the university.

Process Transformation facilitates and coaches collaborative teams to make MSU Denver’s operational processes more efficient.

Institutional Research is the authorized source for all official (state and federally reported) statistical data regarding students, graduates, course enrollment, faculty workloads, and other college characteristics.

Project Management supports university needs around project management.




University Effectiveness

Student Success Building CB 67
890 Auraria Pkwy.
Denver CO 80204











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