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General Eligibility & Expectations


  • 2.75 Cumulative GPA
  • Completed Urban Leadership Program Application
  • Completed Interview with ULP Committee

Program Expectations

  • Enrollment in LDR 1010 Course.
  • Full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) for Spring and Fall Semesters.
  • Commitment to participate in program co-curriculum throughout semester.
  • Meetings two times each month (2nd and 4th weeks) on Friday mornings from 8:15-9:45 am
  • Semesterly Service Project (approximately 10 hours/semester)
  • More information outlined in our Handbook


Application Information & Link

Priority Review for Fall 2019 Cohort March 15-April 15


The Urban Leadership Program utilizes the scholarship application at MSU Denver technology.  A couple notes:

  • If you have already completed the general scholarship application for 2019-2020, just update your application to include the essay questions for the Urban Leadership Program. 
  • The general scholarship application lists a number of questions which aren't used for consideration of the program, but may be used for a number of other scholarships at MSU Denver.  The selection committee will not use content from the following essay in our decision, "Educational endeavors are influenced by a range of academic interests. . . " 
  • We will consider the Urban Leadership Program Essay quite a bit as we screen through applications, so make sure to proofread and critically think through a thorough response to address this essay:
    1. Tell us about someone in your life who is not an immediate family member, who demonstrates leadership.
    2. What is the biggest leadership need within a community you belong?
    3. Describe a process of change you've observed within a group of which you belong.

If you are having issues with the application, please contact or 303-615-0872


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