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How many requirements have you completed?

Remember you can start fulfilling your requirements the first day of classes

 7 requirements are to be completed each semester


TRIO eNewsletters

Watch for SSS e-mails and weekly posts that highlight important information.

Workshops - You must sign into all workshops on the TRIO sheet                                                                    May

1 - Study Abroad (Lyndsie) 10:00‐11:00 SSB 305
Student Loan Repayment 12:00‐1:00 SSB 111

2 - Paying Off Student Loans (Tisha) 1:00–2:00 SSB 305
Create your stress away 12-4 pm SSB 240 *TRIO SSS Office

3 - Budgetng (Tisha) 10:00‐11:00 SSB 305

4- Make the Most of Summer and Plan for Fall 1-2pm SSB 303

4 - TRIO Participation Requirement Deadline

*There are no workshops finals week


Remember that you are required to attend 1 workshop, 2 electives, and complete 1 money management session (in addition to your Advisor/PMT meetings).

Fun at the Movies: Some of our TRIO Family at a private viewing of COCO

Advocates of TRIO SSS - Student Club Events:    

5/19 Great Adventures in Glenwood

6/9 Volunteer at Rockies Baseball Game 50/50 Challenge



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