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PitchLX PeerNet

Annual PitchLX winners gain access to PeerNet, a diverse development network of experienced professionals who collectively represent the scaffolding needed to actualize each prospective innovation. This incubation network offers the expertise, strategic support, political leverage, and physical space and equipment necessary to successfully ideate, iterate, prototype, implement and evaluate winning pitch ideas.


PitchLX PeerNet Advisors

Instructional Designers

Administrative Leaders

  • Jeff Loats, Director - Center for Faculty Excellence | MSU Denver
  • Matt Griswold, Director of Online Programs | MSU Denver

Networking Strategists

  • Amy Arnold, Academic Services Senior Professional | CU Online
  • Remi Kalir, Assistant Professor, Information and Learning Technologies | CU Denver
  • Jennifer VanBerschot, Information and Learning Technologies | CU Denver

Space Providers & Design Thinkers

  • Jesse Schuler, Assistant Manager | The Commons on Champa
  • Jenny Filipetti, Assistant Professor | Inworks
  • Kate Goodman, Assistant Professor | Inworks

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