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Accuplacer Test Exemptions

Placement Test Exemptions for High School Concurrent Enrollment Students

New and incoming MSU Denver students may use credit from Concurrent Enrollment courses taken while in High School as exemptions from Accuplacer placement tests in order to register for New Student Orientation. To enroll in MSU Denver courses students must complete the transfer of the credits from the Community College to MSU Denver.

  • Students using in-progress Concurrent Enrollment courses as an exemption must still transfer credit from the College immediately upon completion of the coursework. Connect with MSU Denver’s Office of Transfer Services for more information.
  • Students that have completed Concurrent Enrollment coursework at a High School should immediately transfer that credit to MSU Denver. Connect with MSU Denver’s Office of Transfer Services for more information. However, students may request Accuplacer exemptions using the form below prior to transferring the completed credit.

 Transferring unofficial concurrent enrollment credit to MSU Denver for an Accuplacer test exemption.

Step One:

Complete a copy of the Concurrent Enrollment Exemption Form. Students will need to know their MSU Denver student ID number.

Step Two:

Obtain an unofficial copy of a transcript or schedule showing Concurrent Enrollment credit either completed or in-progress during High School.

Step Three:

Send the completed form and an unofficial Community College transcript to MSU Denver using one of the methods described on the exemption form (see step one). If using email students must use their email accounts.

For instructions on first-time access to your email account see this link:

Step Four:

The MSU Denver office of Testing Services will contact you via your e-mail address within three business days to verify your exemption. Upon completion of the review MSU Denver Testing Services will notify students regarding the necessity of any additional placement tests or if the exemption process is complete.


Contact the MSU Denver Office of Testing Services if you have questions.


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