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Courtesy Exams

The Courtesy Exam Program is a service designed to assist students from other colleges or universities who require a setting in which to take an exam from another school. Students must make arrangements with their school to have the exam materials sent to the MSU Denver Testing Services. Contact our office before arranging to have an exam sent, we cannot accommodate all exam requests. We do not offer proctoring services for international exams. See our "Contact" page for shipping and fax information.

Once the exam materials and instructions are on file in our office, students may contact the Testing Center to schedule an exam appointment. Contact our office at 303-615-1700 to schedule your Courtesy Exam appointment.

  • The charge for this service is $40.00 per exam, students must pay (cash, MC, Visa, or Discover) prior to taking the exam
  • Exams must be on file at the MSU Denver Testing Center before scheduling an appointment
  • The MSU Denver Testing Center proctors Courtesy Exams according to the instructions and dates of availability established by the school or professor issuing the exam

If you have additional questions about setting up a Courtesy Exam please contact our office at 303-615-1700.

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