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Make Up Exam Service - Faculty Information

Make-up Exam Policies & Procedures (for Faculty)


This page describes the policies and procedures of the MSU Denver Office of Testing Services relating to proctoring make up Exams. For information on Online Exam Proctoring please follow the link on the left to "Online Exam Service."

The intent of the Make-up Exam service is to help students who occasionally have a legitimate reason to miss a regularly scheduled quiz/test date. Faculty may send in a maximum of two make-up exams per course section during a semester.

Click Here to see the: Make up exam cover sheet

Faculty instructions for submitting a Make-up Exam:

  1. Faculty member or department must deliver exams to the Testing Center in an 8 1/2 x 11 envelope with a completed cover sheet attached. Please provide all exam details on the cover sheet. Please provide one cover sheet, one copy of the exam, and one envelope per student.
  2. All students must contact the Testing Center (303-615-1700) to schedule an exam appointment. The Testing Center will only set appointments for exams on file in our office. All students must present a photo ID at the time of testing.
  3. The Testing Center will return the exam to a campus office (please provide a specific building name and room number) or hold an exam for pick up (an ID is required when collecting exams). During Fall semester 2016 Testing Services will deliver exams on Mondays.


All exams proctored in Testing Services must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Testing Services will collect and return all exam materials used during a make up exam including scratch paper.
  • Students may use note sheets or formula sheets during an exam as specified on the cover sheet; Testing Services will collect all of these materials at the end of the exam.
  • Testing Services does not offer proctoring services for open book, open note, or open internet exams.
  • Faculty should not send a make up exam that is the same exam copy used in a classroom exam administration.
  • Testing Services offers make up exam services for paper/pencil test or tests carried in BlackBoard (must be password protected).
  • The length of testing time requested may not exceed the length of the class time block, except during finals week when the time limit is two hours. In no case may exam time two hours in length.
  • The Testing Center administers exams according to instructions documented on the Exam Coversheet. Include specific instructions to the student on page one of each exam.
  • The Testing Center does not provide envelopes or make copies of exams.
  • We require students to write their name on each exam for security.
  • Faculty member or department must deliver exams to the Testing Center in TV 347.
  • For security reasons, do not send exams through email, inter-campus mail or fax.
  • The Testing Center will not collect or distribute any additional course materials, including homework and take home exam materials.
  • Due to logistical and security issues students are not allowed to use (faculty provided) answer keys to check answers on tests or quizzes in the testing center.
  • Inform students of all Testing Center policies.
  • Children not permitted in testing rooms. Students may not leave children unattended in the Testing Center lobby.
  • Once an exam is on file in the Testing Center, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule an appointment. Students without an appointment may not be able to take an exam.
  • Students should arrive at their scheduled time in TV 347 with appropriate testing materials and a picture ID. Students without a valid picture ID may not take an exam.
  • If cheating occurs, we will collect all materials and the Testing Center Director will notify the faculty member and the Student Judicial Officer.