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Welcome to SANS Securing the Human

Securing the Human is a Security Awareness program hosted by the SANS Institute, a private company specializing in Information Security and Cybersecurity training. MSU Denver ITS has procured this training program to assist in complying with the Colorado Information Security Act (C.R.S. 24-37.5-404.5,) because Security Awareness training is required for all employees on a yearly basis.

All MSU Denver staff and faculty have an account set up for the training at the Security Awareness portal hosted by SANS. To obtain the required credentials for your account, click on the Forgot your password link and provide your e-mail address. The SANS Securing the Human instance will send you a new, temporary password in order to access the training. To access the portal, follow the link below:

Click here to access the SANS Securing the Human Portal

Legislative Requirements:
24-37.5-404.5.  Institutions of higher education - information security plans.
(1)  Each institution of higher education, in coordination with the Department of Higher Education, shall develop an information security program. The information security program shall provide information security for the communication and information resources that support the operations and assets of the institution of higher education.

(2)  The information security program shall include:

(a)  Periodic assessments of the risk and magnitude of the harm that could result from a security incident;

(b)  A process for providing adequate information security for the communication and information resources of the institution of higher education;

(c)  Information security awareness training for employees of the institution of higher education to inform the employees, administrators, and users at the institution of higher education about the information security risks and the responsibility of employees, administrators, and users to comply with the institution's information security program and the policies, standards and procedures designed to reduce the security risks;

(d)  Periodic testing and evaluation of the effectiveness of information security for the institution of higher education, which shall be performed not less than annually;


What Will Your Training Email Look Like?

 As this will be a computer security awareness training, the first step in being aware is making sure that the email you open is from a trusted source. The email you receive will come from and will appear with the following verbiage:

This is a copy of the SANS e-mail.

This will contain your username, a temporary password, and the URL ( that you will use as your login to view the training. ‌‌‌‌‌‌

SANS Training Modules Will Provide Tips and Tricks Computer Users Should Know

The following modules have been selected for this year's training:

  • Introduction (0:58)

  • Social Engineering (2:53)

  • Email and Messaging (4:52)

  • Passwords (4:26)

  • Browsing (2:10)

  • Data Destruction (4:26)

  • Mobile Device Security

  • Wi-Fi Security

  •  Conclusion (1:16)


All modules run only a few minutes and will have questions regarding the module at the end of the video. Once all modules have been completed, there will be a quick ending video that contains a voluntary survey at the end. Feedback regarding the training as a whole is very much appreciated in order to provide the best training possible in future years.

SANS Frequently Asked Questions

SANS Browsers supported

•Internet Explorer, Versions 8+

•Safari, Versions 5+

•Mozilla Firefox, Versions 4.0+

•Opera, Versions 12.00+

•Chrome, Versions 5.0+ 



Mute = M

Play/Pause = Space Bar or O

Closed Caption = C

Skip Back (5 sec) = H

Expand Size = E

Change Quality = Q


What requirements must my password meet?

  • Minimum Password Length: 8
  • Minimum number of Upper Case alphabetic characters: 1
  • Minimum number of Lower Case alphabetic characters: 1
  • Minimum number of numeric characters: 1
  • Minimum number of special characters: 1

What if I forgot my password?

Click on the link that says ‘Click Here’ next to ‘Forgot my password’. It will take you to a page that will prompt you to put in your MSU Denver email address. Once you have entered it and clicked the button, it will send a link to your email that will allow you to reset your password.

How can I change my password once I am logged in?

On the left side of the page, there is an option to change your password. You will enter your current password and then type and re-type your new password.

I need closed captioning, is this available?

Yes, by clicking ‘c’ on the computer, it will give you a printed version of the text of the video.

 I missed something in the training videos and it is asking me questions, what can I do?

There is an option next to the button to submit your answers that when you highlight over will give you the option to re-watch the training video.

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