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Process Transformation: Colorful photo of the Tivoli building silhouetted by a sunrise that is bringing light and color into the sky. This photo represents the effects of Process Transformation at work.

Facilitates and coaches collaborative teams to make MSU Denver’s operational processes more efficient.


To foster a culture that embraces continuous improvement, engages in collaboration, encourages empowerment and creative problem solving to support the mission of MSU Denver.


Services provided

• Defining and clarifying scope of operational processes to be improved with project leaders
• Facilitating teams in the creation of a current and an ideal process flow using value stream mapping.
• Assisting teams in understanding current resource costs, such as time.
• Coaching and educating employees on “Lean Thinking” and tools used to reduce wasteful action and focus on root cause issues to derive solutions

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Process Transformation

Student Success Building CB 67
890 Auraria Pkwy. Room 310
Denver CO 80204











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