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Student Travel Committee:

The Student Travel committee consists of MSU Denver faculty, staff, and students. The Student Travel committee has four regular voting members. 

The committee members include the following:

  1. Director of Student Travel (non-voting member, committee chair)
  2. Student Government Assembly representative
  3. Student Travel Assistant (student employee)
  4. Faculty/Staff representative
  5. Student at-large


Student Travel Committee at the Kent D. Williamson Affiliate Membership Awards


The Committee bases its recommendations on the following:

  • Completion of consultation meeting (
  • Thoroughness and quality of proposal materials and completion of all application requirements
  • Academic enrichment of the event (both to those attending and to the MSU Denver student body)
  • Personal goals
  • Enhancement of diverse thinking at MSU Denver
  • How you will share the knowledge learned
  • How the travel proposal supports the educational mission of the University
  • Personal enrichment of the event to the individual(s) attending
  • Compliance with all MSU Denver and State of Colorado fiscal rules
  • Availability of funds

The committee scores each presentation utilizing a scoring rubric. The individual or lead student will receive a copy of the scoring rubric at their consultation.  Funding decisions may be appealed to the Director of Student Activities for reconsideration in special situations. 

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