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Fraternities & Sororities Life FAQ'S

What types of Fraternities and Sororities are there?

Our entire community is committed to common values. Some of our groups are culturally based--Latino and Black. This does not mean students who don't identify with these groups are not eligible for membership. Groups can not discriminate based on ethnicity, race. Often their membership standards include strong academics, campus and community involvement and awareness of the organization.

Why can F/S discriminate based on Sex (Gender)?

Title IX allows for some exemptions from gender discrimination including fraternities and sororities.

I want to bring (or start) a new fraternity/sorority to MSU Denver!

You should speak with B.J. Layman about expansion.

I am a CCD student, can I join a fraternity/sorority?

CCD students are not eligible for membership in fraternities and sororities based on rules from the national organizations. Some groups allow for participation in brotherhood/sisterhood and service events.

I am a UCD student--can I join a fraternity or sorority?

Some of our groups allow for students from CU Denver to join. Check with the individual organization.

Why would MSU Denver want the headache Fraternities & Sororities?

The contemporary fraternity and sorority community is based on unifying values that align with the MSU Denver mission.  These students are working hard to eliminate negative stereotypes and re-define what it means to be a member of the fraternal community.  Studies have shown that these students have stronger academic, service, and campus involvement records than their peers who aren't involved. 

Do you have fraternity or sorority houses?

None of our groups have houses. 

Do you have a rush/recruitment week?

No. Students can learn about recruitment or informational events by talking with the fraternities and sororities at the Student Involvement Fair and Fall Fest.

I am a freshman--can I join an organization?

Some of our organizations allow first-year students to join, others do not. Check with the organization.

I'd like to partner to the Fraternities and Sororities.  How do I reach them?

You should work with the Council of Fraternal Organizations (CFO). Officer contact information is available on OrgSync.

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