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TITLE IV-E Child Welfare Stipend Program

Dates for the 2019-2020 academic year application cycle will be posted soon - check back for more information.

Social Workers assume primary roles in providing intake, assessment, case planning, and ongoing services in all areas of child welfare. The child welfare stipend is designed for students interested in pursuing a career as a caseworker or supervisor in child welfare services. Since 1995 the Colorado Department of Human Services has awarded over $2,000,000 in Child Welfare Caseworker stipends to MSU Denver social work majors who have completed the child welfare courses. Students must apply through the Department of Social Work and compete for the Child Welfare Stipend program. The stipend program is an excellent way for students to gain knowledge and experience in this subspecialty and to secure an entry-level position with the Department of Human Services. Stipends in amounts ranging from $5,000-$14,000 are awarded to selected recipients. Recipients are required to complete their professional field experience in a public child welfare agency, attend the child welfare Fundamentals Training, and after graduation, they are required to work one year as caseworkers in a Colorado county child welfare agency or for a Tribe for each academic year of funding received. 

To learn more about what Child Welfare visit: 

BSSW Program Stipend Information

Required Social Work Professional Foundation Courses for the Child Welfare Stipend
**These courses will be offered Summer 2017 semester**
SWK 3100 - Child Welfare and the Law
SWK 3150 - Social Work and Child Maltreatment
Professional Field Experience
Social Work Field Experience takes place during the fall and spring semesters of the student’s senior year. In order to integrate classroom knowledge with practice and to experience the role and requirements of a professional social worker, the student is placed in an approved social work agency for approximately 16 hours per week for 240 hours a semester (a total of 480 hours over both semesters). The student remains in the same agency for both semesters, progressing from orientation to beginning professional competence. Additional information about field experience, including eligibility, application, and securing a field site, can be found on the Department of Social Work website.

SWK 4790 (4) Professional Field Experience I
SWK 4810 (4) Professional Field Experience II

Child Welfare Stipend applicants must complete the child welfare elective courses before their senior year and must meet the same non-social work prerequisites and multicultural perspective requirements as all other social work majors. They also complete the same required social work course requirements as all other social work majors. The Child Welfare Stipend is a competitive program. Applications are available to students during December and January of their Junior year. 

MSW Stipend Program Information

Metropolitan State University of Denver is pleased to participate in the Child Welfare Stipend Program. Through federal and state funding provided by the Title IV-E of the Social Security Act and the Colorado Department of Human Services, we are able to offer a limited number of stipends to graduate students committed to working with families who use public child welfare services. This program is designed to invest in the education of students in order to attract qualified social workers to the field for child welfare.

The stipend application and review process occurs in the Spring Semester and deadlines vary depending on the status of the student.

Please read the Stipend Program Contract for complete details and information.

Who can apply?

Students who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply for a Child Welfare Stipend for the 2017-18 academic year:

  • Current part-time foundation year students, who are in the Child Welfare Track;
  • Current part-time advanced standing students, who are in the Child Welfare Track;
  • Newly admitted full-time and part-time students who have been accepted into the advanced standing MSW program in the Child Welfare Track;
  • Newly admitted full-time and part-time students who have been accepted into the regular two-year MSW program in the Child Welfare Track 

Academic requirements:

  1. Students must complete the entire Child Welfare track course sequence within the MSW program.
  2. Students must complete a full academic year field placement at a County Department of Human Services. A portion of the field placement hours will take place in the required state fundamentals training.

Nature and Amount of Award:

Students who elect to receive a Child Welfare Stipend commit to working in one of the Colorado County Department of Human Service agencies for a period of one year post graduation for each year that they receive a stipend. 

Stipends- are expected to be in the amount of $10,500 for students who commit to working in an urban or rural Colorado county. Additional monies may be available for students who commit to rural Colorado counties.

In all cases, stipends will only be available as long as state and federal funds are available. An award may be canceled in its entirety or funds may be partially distributed with subsequent payments being canceled if state or federal funds are withdrawn.

Work Requirement (BSSW & MSW Students):

All students receiving a Child Welfare stipend MUST commit to working for a Colorado County Department of Human Services agency for one year post-graduation, for each stipend they receive. Graduates must locate a job within two months of graduation. If a graduate is unable to locate a job within two months of graduation, they may be approved for an extension on a case-by-case basis. In order to receive an extension, graduates must demonstrate efforts to secure employment within that year. 

Graduates must participate in all offered interviews, be willing to relocate within Colorado, and accept employment, if offered.

BSSW student may defer work payback up to two years if:

1) Accepted into the MSW program, and

2) Complete all Child Welfare Track courses, and

3) Apply for a Second Year stipend


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Kate Trujillo, Principal Investigator, at

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