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Non-Degree Admission Policy and Procedures

Students may be admitted to the MSW Program with a non-degree-seeking status. Non-degree-seeking students do not qualify for financial aid and must re-apply and pay a new application fee in order to become degree-seeking. Completing coursework as a non-degree-seeking student does not guarantee admission into a degree-seeking program. 

Students accepted into the MSW Program with non-degree seeking status may take up to 12 credits of MSW coursework.  The coursework must be approved by the Office of Social Work Student Services, and is most often limited to SWKM5100 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I, SWKM5050 Social Policy Analysis, SWKM5300 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II, and SWKM5250 Research Methods.  Approval will be dependent on the applicants undergraduate GPA as well as the completion of undergraduate prerequisite coursework necessary to be academically successful.

Applicants accepted into the Non-Degree Program must take courses the term they are accepted into. There is no deferral process for accepted non-degree students. Students who do not take classes in the term they are accepted must reapply to the Non-Degree Program.

The following materials are required: 

  • Graduate Admissions Application‌ and application fee (check non-degree option) DUE JULY 3, 2017 for a FALL 2017 Start
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended
  • Current detailed resume
  • Submission of Statement of Intent:
    (1-2 pages double spaced) addressing how you would use the Non-Degree Program to further your educational and/ or career goals. 

Submit your resume and statement of intent to the Office of Social Work Student Services at

Official transcripts should also be submitted directly to the Office of Social Work Student Services. Please note that transcripts need to be submitted directly to our office by the college or university or dropped off by a student still in a sealed envelope. Once transcripts have been opened by a student they are no longer considered official.

If you obtained your undergraduate degree from MSU Denver, please email with your 900# and we can pull your official transcripts for you.

All transcripts should be submitted by choosing one of the options below. Please do not submit any materials to the Office of Admissions at MSU Denver. Failure to submit using one of the options below may result in a delay in processing your application.

  1. Submit Transcripts Electronically (preferred method)
  2. Submit Transcripts by Mail
    • Request official transcripts be sent by mail to:

      Metropolitan State University of Denver
      Department of Social Work
      Attn: Office of Social Work Student Services
      PO Box 173362 CB 70
      Denver, CO 80217-3362

  3. Submit Transcripts in Person
    • Drop off unopened official transcripts with the Department of Social Work, 1006 10th Street, Central Classroom Building Room 201, Denver, CO 80204-3802

The MSW Program may reference admissions materials from previous applications to the MSW Program when making Non-Degree admissions decisions.  

Important Information for Non-Degree Seeking Students

  • Graduate tuition applies for all graduate courses taken as a non-degree student. Information about tuition rates and payment deadlines is available on MSU Denver’s website.
  • Students admitted as non-degree seeking are not eligible for graduate level financial aid.
  • Students are held responsible, both academically and financially, for any class in which they enroll. Failure to withdraw from any class, regardless of attendance, results in a grade of “F.” Students remain liable for tuition and fees.
  • All grading policies for degree-seeking students also apply to non-degree seeking students.
  • Non-degree seeking students can change their status by fully complying with the degree-seeking admission requirements. 

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