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BSSW Program Classroom Policies

Social Work Program Attendance Policy

Attendance and participation in your BSSW coursework is a critical component in becoming a competent, well-prepared and professional social worker. To this end, students are expected to attend and participate every class. However, we recognize that life is unpredictable and illnesses and other life emergencies may occur. In each course, one week’s worth of attendance is “forgiven,” with no penalty to a student’s grade. (For example, if a course meets once a week, absence from one class is forgiven. If the course meets twice a week, two class absences are forgiven.) This policy applies to all students enrolled in social work courses (e.g., majors, minors). The BSSW Attendance Policy may be modified by instructors in their course syllabi.

No student may miss more than 25% of any course (based on a 16-week semester). So if the course meets once a week, you will FAIL this course if you miss more than four (4) weeks’ worth of classes. This includes ALL absences (even those that are “forgiven” or if you make-up the points missed for one of the classes).

Absence penalty: If a student must miss more than one class a semester it will negatively impact their course grade. Each absence (past the first “forgiven” absence) will penalize your final grade by 5%. So if your final grade in a course, based on assignments, is a 93% (A-), your final recorded grade in the course will be an 88% (B+). If a student misses three classes over the course of the semester (their first absence is “forgiven”), their final grade will be lowered by 10%.

Regardless of the reason for the absence, a student may make-up points (up to 100%) of the attendance/participation grade for ONE class by completing a make-up assignment. If you choose to make-up attendance/participation points you will no longer incur the 5% penalty to your final grade for that class absence, but it still counts as an absence in the course (e.g., it counts toward the four absences permitted before the course is automatically failed). You have three weeks to make-up missed attendance/participation points. Individual instructors will determine requirements, but these assignments may include activities such as:

  • Write a three-page summary of the assigned readings, videos, and other module content for the class missed. If there were no readings, the instructor will provide additional content to the student.
  • Provide an annotated bibliography of five peer-reviewed articles from the literature that directly pertain to the assigned readings and content for the module you missed. The articles may NOT be the same as those appearing in the assigned readings.

Course delivery method: This attendance policy is relevant whether the course is delivered in a face-to-face, online or hybrid format. In online courses, attendance and participation is most frequently assessed by participation in discussion boards, although individual instructors will specify how they assess attendance and participation in their course. In face-to-face courses, instructors are responsible for taking attendance. Most frequently, attendance is assessed using an attendance sheet that is circulated at the beginning of every class session. It is your responsibility to sign the attendance sheet at the beginning of class. Even if you have discussed your need for tardiness with your instructor, missing more than 15 minutes of class, for instance by arriving late to class, leaving early, or being late after a break, will be considered to be a tardy. Three tardies will be recorded as an absence. Regardless of the reason for an absence or tardiness, we expect that out of professional courtesy you will let the instructor know in advance of any anticipated absence

Remember: The BSSW Attendance Policy may be modified by instructors in their course syllabi. When in doubt, check your syllabus!

The full University policy on class attendance, including policies related to class attendance on religious holidays, can be found on the MSU Denver website.

Late Assignment Policy

The BSSW policy for late assignments is as follows:

  • Students are responsible for turning in assignments by the due date. After the due date has passed, there will be a 10% deduction for work turned in within the first week after the deadline and an additional 10% for each additional week the assignment is late. Late work will only be accepted for up to three weeks after the deadline.
  • Students must turn in the correct assignment in the prescribed format (e.g. Word, PDF, Excel, etc.) and through the prescribed method (e.g. in class, via Blackboard, via email, etc.). If an assignment is submitted incorrectly, the instructor may notify the student and give the student a limited amount of time to resubmit the assignment. It may be graded as a late assignment at the instructor’s discretion.
  • Discuss exceptions to the above with the instructor. On rare occasions where students know their assignment will be late due a personal crisis, students should communicate with the instructor in advance of the due date, and instructors may modify the above policy.
  • This policy may be modified by individual instructors and included in the course syllabus. When in doubt, check your syllabus!

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