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October 2017: Anthropology Assistant Professor Dr. Christine Pink is featured in the MSU Denver Insider for her work on the exhumation and analysis of the remains of Julia Greeley. Dr. Pink employed forensic anthropology and archaeology techniques to contribute to the Denver Archdiocese's case for Greeley's beatification.  

June 2017: Nga Vuong-Sandoval, affiliate Sociology faculty, received the honor of being invited by the Governor's Office to speak about her refugee narrative with Governor Hickenlooper on Colorado World Refugee Day.

May 2017: Sarah Foster, undergraduate Anthropology major, received a 2017 Alice Hamilton Scholarship from the Colorado Archaeological Society to help fund her field work this summer in the Wyoming Badlands.

May 2017: Sociology Professor Dr. Linda Marangia's office is featured in the MSU Denver Early Bird series The Professor's Room.

April 2017: Check out this video featuring Anthropology Assistant Professor Dr. Christine Pink's Forensic Archaeology class on the MSU Denver Insider. Forensic Archaeology (ANT 440F) is offered in spring semesters.

February 2017: Research conducted by Department Lab Coordinator, Jill Scott, on the new hominin species Homo naledi, was featured on the MSU Denver Insider and MSU Denver Early Bird.

Sociology and Anthropology Colloquium Series

Upcoming Colloquia

Please check back for upcoming colloquia. 

Past Colloquia

Spring 2018

Title: Migration and capitalism: The historical formation of the economic migrant, the social benefit tourist and the internationalist socialist worker in Europe
Presenter: Dr. Raia Apostolova, Central European University


Fall 2016

Title: Homo naledi and the (Dinaledi) Chamber of Secrets: A New Addition to the Human Family Tree  
Presenter: Jill Scott, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, MSU Denver 

Title: Wildlife Rescue in a Tropical Low Land Rainforest
Presenter: Carol Patrick, Founding President and Executive Director of Fundación Santuario Silvestre de Osa, (The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary), Costa Rica 

Title: Everyday Arapaho Storytelling and the Social Structuring of Empty Space
Presenter: Dr. Rich Sandoval, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, MSU Denver 


Fall 2015

Title: The New Islamic Schools in Pakistan: Promoting Urban Aspirations
Presenters: Dr. Sanaa Riaz, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, MSU Denver 

Title: Anthropologists from the Department of Social Anthropology, Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU)
Presenters: Dr. Makoto Ito, Dr. Shin-ichiro Ishida, Ryo Araki, & Phuc Anh Nguyen, Department of Social Anthropology, Tokyo Metropolitan University


Spring 2015

Title: The Ch'orti' Project: Research, Practice, and Community
Presenters: Dr. Robin Quizar, Dr. Rebecca Forgash, & Student Research Assistants from the MSU Denver Ethnography Lab

Title: Confucius and Confucianism‌  
Presenter: Gang Xu, Co-Director, Confucius Institute, Community College of Denver

Title: The Connection Between Respect and Prison Violence  
Presenter: Dr. Rebecca Trammell, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, MSU Denver 


Fall 2014

Title: A Century of A Lost Province in China (a talk on China’s environmental issues) ‌  
Presenter: Dr. Xiaojia Hou, Department of History, University of Colorado Denver 

Title: Where Do All the Brown Pot Sherds in Southeastern New Mexico Come From? ‌  
Presenter: Dr. David Hill

Title: When Central Orders and Promotion Criteria Conflict: Recent Urban Decisions on Dibao ‌  
Presenter: Dr. Ting Jiang, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, MSU Denver 


Spring 2014

Title: The Middle East: Where, Who, Why, and What
Presenter: Dr. Karam Adibifar, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, MSU Denver  

Title: Creating Meta-Terrestrial Identities: 7,001st Island of the Philippines
Presenter: Dr. Estelle Kennelly, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, MSU Denver  

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