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Vulnerable Networking Ports and Blocked IP Addresses

The Information Technology Services Networking team has implemented access filters based on security “best practices” as well as input from systems administrators and security auditors.  These filters are designed to prevent connections from being established on specific vulnerable ports and IP addresses on the MSU Denver campus network. These filters will be updated as needed to address network-based security vulnerabilities seen on campus, and to follow the standard best practices of the computing industry.

No Change to Internal Campus Network Traffic:

Network filters consist of rules that control security within the campus community.  The rules that govern our campus network are not published here to protect the campus community from those who would use this information in a malicious manner.  If access is needed, please contact the MSU Denver IT Helpdesk  to create a ticket outlining what access is needed.

In an effort to provide a stable networking environment and deter certain classes of security breaches on campus, the following is a list of ports which are filtered: 


193, 593, 707, 995-999, 4444, 5554, 8898, and 9996. 



In an effort to deter access to popular bit-torrent sites the following IP addresses are also to be filtered. The following IP and webpage addresses and names which are blocked associated with the port function stating: “This “function” is filtered”:

Please note that traffic that remains internal to the MSU Denver campus will not be affected by the following port or IP address filters. The filters listed here are only applied to communications leaving the campus network. - - - - - - - -


The implementation of additional filters should not negatively impact the functioning of campus operations.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the filters please contact the MSU Denver IT Helpdesk  directly.

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