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Payroll / Timesheets

Click on the following topics below for supervisor resources on payroll and timesheets for student employees.

Here are some important issues concerning time entry and timesheet management.

  1. Timesheets must be kept in departmental offices for at least 5 years. This is a Colorado State requirement regarding timesheet retention. Keep them in the individual student's file. If for any reason your department moves or shuts down, please find an alternate place to store student employee files.

  2. The Office of Human Resources is required to audit departments to ensure timesheets are retained and completed properly. Audits are performed semi-annually. The state also performs an annual audit and requests timesheets from departments. Audits are performed at random and the student employees are randomly chosen. 

  3. Remember a signature on a timesheet signifies the time indicated is correct. Do not sign a timesheet if it appears incorrect. Please contact both the Office of Human Resources and the Judicial Officer if it is thought a student is falsifying their timesheets. Falsification of time is considered a very serious matter at MSU Denver. Any falsified time that has been paid out to the student must be repaid by the student.

  4. All timesheets entered into Banner must have both the supervisor and the student employee's signatures on them. It is very important for auditing purposes that supervisors sign all timesheets they are entering into the system. The student employee must also sign the timesheet in order to verify their time. If student employees forget to sign their timesheet, you should hold them until the next pay period and enter them then.

  5. If a late timesheet must be entered on a following pay period, add the total of all the timesheets together and enter them into the system as one time entry. Make a note on the timesheets if this happens for auditing purposes. If more than 2 timesheets are being entered please email the Student Employment Manager with the students name and 900# and include the breakdown of the total hours for each timesheet.  

  6. At no time should supervisors give their Banner log-in to anyone, especially student employees. Students are not allowed access to PHAHOUR for any reason.

Student Employees are paid on a Semi-monthly payroll schedule.  The pay periods run the 1st through the 15th and the 16th through the last day of each month.  There maybe some variation to these dates at the end of a semester. Paydays are the 15th and the last day of each month unless those days fall on the weekend or a holiday. On those occasions the payday is shifted to the Friday before or the next business day.  


Spring 2018 Semi-Monthly Payroll Schedule

Summer 2018 Semi-Monthly Payroll Schedule 

Fall 2018 Semi-Monthly (SM) Payroll Schedule



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