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Transfer Course Credit Approval Request

Do you have questions about your transfer course evaluation?

Do you have credits from a previous accredited institution that didn’t transfer to MSU Denver the way you thought they would?

Do you have transfer courses in your electives that might fulfill general studies requirements?


Let us help you save time and energy! We assist with the transfer course approval request process so you don't have to run around campus trying to figure it all out! The MSU Denver Transfer Student Success Program can assist you in having those credits reviewed by the appropriate departments.  

What You Need to Do

Typically, academic departments will want to review the syllabus from the course for which you are trying to get credit.  If you don’t have the syllabus, you can contact the course department at your previous institution and request the syllabus – you will need to be able to tell them which year and semester you took the course.  You will also need to fill out the top portion of the transfer course credit approval request form.  

Transfer Course Approval Form

How We Can Help

Once you provide the Transfer Success Program with the syllabus and signed form, we will submit it to the appropriate department(s) here at MSU Denver for review.  If the course is approved, we will send the approval to admissions where they will make the appropriate changes to your CAPP/degree progress report.

Fill out the form below if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your official transcript evaluation or the transfer course approval request process.

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Transforming the Transfer Experience

“The transfer (credit request) process was smooth and swift, and quite frankly, I could not believe how smooth of a process it actually was. I am extremely thankful that the credits that I needed to transfer over did and am also extremely thankful I had a transfer coordinator who took pride in her job.”

–Ben Rovenstine, Senior, Speech Communication