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What is Supplemental Instruction?

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Simply put Supplemental Instruction, or SI, is peer-facilitated study sessions. 

SI Leaders facilitate group study sessions several times a week, which help students learn study techniques and strategies proven to help students become more successful in the specific course. 

 What is a SI Session?

A SI session is an out-of-class group study session facilitated by a SI Leader. The sessions are active-learning environments. Meaning you will be doing work (example problems, practice quizzes, creating study guides) not sitting, listening to a lecture. The sessions focus on helping you learn the skills, strategies, and identifying the content you need to know to be successful in your course.

What is a SI Leader?

The SI Leader is really a peer-mentor who has previously demonstrated a mastery of the course content, strong leadership skills, and a desire to serve the MSU Denver community. SI Leaders receive in-depth training on how to help fellow students become better learners. SI Leaders attend all lectures and labs, and then hold two or more sessions each week. Leaders do not cover new information, and are not responsible for any course grades. However, they do represent great resources to for students enrolled in the course.

What isn't SI?

SI is not a remedial or punitive program for bad students, but rather it is a support program for all students. SI Leaders are not professors and/or teaching assistants, which means they do not teach new material or grade course assignments.  

Reasons to attend SI sessions

  • Students who regularly attend SI session receive higher grades, re-enroll in higher numbers, and report higher levels of satisfaction in the course.
  • Great way to get to know other members of your course.
  • Session are fun and interactive!



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