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Spring 2019 Application Deadline

The application to become an SI Leader for the Spring 2019 semester is now closed. Please check back next semester for the Fall 2019 application.

What is an SI Leader

What is a Supplemental Instruction Leader?

Simply put, a Supplemental Instruction Leader or SIL is an academic peer-mentor. 

Contact Taylor Hase about Job Position

SIL Position Description

The Supplemental Instruction Leader (SIL) position is a paid-student position at Metropolitan State University of Denver. SILs are responsible for peer-facilitated study and academic support sessions for individual courses. Individuals are high-achieving student leaders who have demonstrated a strong proficiency in a particular course, overall academic success, as well as, the ability to work well with peers from diverse backgrounds and/abilities. SILs attend every course lecture, and then develop multiple study sessions each week. Their priority is to help students improve their course performance, and do this through review of lectures and assigned readings.

Main Expectations

  • Be able to work approximately 12-15 hours/week
  • Attend all course lectures/classes
  • Hold a minimum of 2-one hour study sessions per week
  • Plan and facilitate engaging study sessions (we teach you and have lots of resources!)
  • Attend bi-weekly program meetings on every other Friday from 1:30-3:00pm
  • Attend pre-semester trainings (Spring 2019 training will be held on January 8th & 9th) 

What SI IS!

  • SI Sessions are peer-led study sessions
  • A campus supported resources to help all MSU Denver students find success and improve themselves as students!
  • A student focused program
  • A great opportunity to learn, grow, and develop as a student-leader

What SI is NOT!

  • Another lecture - SI sessions are interactive groups where students use course content to practice study skills
  • Graded - SI sessions are safe spaces to make mistakes and get help from peers
  • SI Leaders are NOT content experts (the experts are the faculty!)
  • An academic crutch! SI Leaders are not note takers, personal tutors, or folks who do homework/assignments for students

If this sounds like a position you are interested in, contact Taylor Hase before the start of the spring semester

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