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Sheet

At every session, you are required to complete a sign-in sheet for your students to fill out. You can use the stock sign-in sheet created by the program, or simply a blank piece of paper. Please make sure you are recording the following:

  1. Session information: Date, SIL Name, Subject/Course, Location of Session
  2. Your students will fill out their full name, signature and last four digits of their 900 number.
  3. You can print out/use a new sign-in sheet for every session, or simply draw a line and add a new date. If you do not have students at a particular session, you do not need to fill one out.
  4. CLICK HERE - to print out a sign-in sheet

Sign-in sheets are due every Friday. You can submit your sign-in sheets to your AOA either through email or in-person


Attendance Sheet

Attendance Sheet

Each week you will take the information from the individual session sign-in sheets and complete the weeks attendance on the electronic attendance sheet in SharePoint. Email Taylor Hase or the AOA staff if you need assistance.

Timesheets (i.e. how you get paid)

Normal Submission

Throughout the 2 weeks of a pay period please enter in the hours you work and add comments explaining what you did during that time.

  1. Follow HR’s procedure to get into your online timesheet.
  2. In the comment section, you are required to fill out the comment section with the days you worked and what you did those days.
    • For example, if you went to class and held a session on August 15, 2018, you would write 08/15 – Class and Session.
  3. Here is a list of tasks:
    • C = Class – where you attend your SI Class
    • S = Session – where you attend your SI session
    • E = Email – where you corresponded with SI faculty, your professor, or your students
    • M = Meeting – where you attended monthly or team meeting

Reminders will be sent to your email.

Click here for additional HR resources.

Missed/Past Hours

Contact Taylor Hase to let her know you have past hours to submit. In the body of the email please include the following information.

  • An explanation/reminder of why the hours were submitted late.
  • The date/time(s) for all hours worked

SI staff will add the past hours to the next available payroll. PLEASE do not add old hours on your timesheet.

Absence from meeting, session, or class.

If you are unable to attend due to an emergency,

  1. If you are missing class/session:
    • Email your students that you will be absent. You can schedule a make-up session as a courtesy to your students.
    • Email your professor so that they are aware and can update any students that have not checked their email.
    • Email your AOA and Taylor Hase
  2. If you are missing a team meeting or monthly meeting

You are not required by SI to attend class when there is an exam. Please verify with your professor at the beginning of the semester that additional lecture material will not be covered on exam days. You are not expected to hold a session immediately after an exam when there is no new course material to go over.

Room Request for SI Session

The standard location for SI session is 2nd floor JSSB and reservations are needed to ensure there is no double booking. If you are planning to hold a SI session outside JSSB, here are things you need to know:

  1. Room reservations for the Science building (Math and Chemistry) need to go through the STEM Coordinator, Kellie Zolnikov. However, please reach out to the SI program staff for assistance.
  2. Please be flexible. If you do not get the room which works best for you (and your students) keep an open mind. You can always use the JSSB rooms or reserve a library study room.
    • Click here to learn more about reserving a library Group Study Room.

If you ever change your SI session location without going through the SI program staff, please contact Tayor Hase immediately. Our observation schedule is dependent on having accurate session information.


The SI program uses session and observations to provide developmental and constructive feedback to all SILs. SI professional Staff and Observation Coaches (OCs) will carry out observations throughout the semester. Observations are not intended to be punitive, and all SILs should be expected to be observed multiple times throughout the semester. Newly hired SILs will be observed more frequently, especially during the initial 6 weeks of the semester.

The goal of observation process is to improve the performance of SILs and as a result help foster a richer learning environment for the supported students.

Guidelines for giving constructive feedback

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