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Daniels Scholar Success Program

Daniels Scholar Success Program Overview

The Daniels Fund established the Daniels Scholar Success Program (DSSP) in an effort to support the success of each Daniels Scholar and to strengthen and build upon relationships between the Daniels Fund and our college and university partners. This program is limited to those colleges and universities in Colorado, New Mexico Utah, and Wyoming attended by three or more Daniels Scholars.

The Daniels Scholar Success Program is built to achieve three goals:

  1. Create a sense of connectedness for Daniels Scholars to their institution, to each other, and to the Daniels Fund
  2. Provide Daniels Scholars direct and regular access to support services and resources on their campus to support them academically, personally, and socially
  3. Facilitate involvement with leadership opportunities on campus

The Daniels Scholar Success Program has four main components:

  1. Stipend
  2. Campus Liaison
  3. Support and Programming
  4. Leadership Opportunities

Daniels Scholar Success Program Stipend component

The Daniels Scholar Success Program includes a stipend from the Daniels Fund of $1,000.00 per institution, plus an additional $125.00 per Daniels Scholar. Please note that the amount is based on Daniels Scholars attending the partnering college or university minus any remaining funds from the previous school year. The stipend is intended to augment already existing programs designed to support Daniels Scholars, as well as more formalized support where current programming may not exist.

The stipend funding may be used for:

  • Academic or cultural activities; such as lectures, symposiums, and field trips intended to enhance academic progress and personal development
  • Costs associated with hosting Daniels Scholar gatherings, meetings, receptions, celebrations, and workshops (such as copy/print, food and refreshment, space reservation, etc.)
  • Transportation of participants and staff to and from approved educational or cultural activities designed for Daniels Scholars and sponsored by your institution

Stipend funding should not be used for:

  • Costs related to recruiting students for enrollment at the institution
  • Tuition, fees, tutoring, or other regular direct costs for Daniels Scholars

The Daniels Fund’s preference is that stipend funds be used for programming but if your program would benefit from utilizing a small portion to compensate campus staff, please discuss with your assigned Scholar Relations Officer.


Daniels Scholar Success Program Campus Liaison component

Participating campuses will establish a Campus Liaison to be the primary point of contact for Daniels Fund staff and the primary campus resource for Daniels Scholars. In turn, the Daniels Fund has assigned a Scholar Relations Officer (SRO) to each institution. The SRO serves as the Daniels Fund point of contact for the Campus Liaison and Daniels Scholars on campus. This arrangement enables ongoing and regular communication about all aspects of the program.

Campus Liaison role:

  • Establish and maintain regular communication with the SRO to share information about the progress, successes, and challenges of Daniels Scholars
  • Understand the policies and procedures of the Daniels Scholarship Program and reinforce important Daniels Fund messages
  • Execute the objectives of the Daniels Scholar Success Program on campus
  • Coordinate and work with campus colleagues to achieve program goals
  • Complete the program renewal documents annually

Scholar Relations Officer role:

  • Assist with program planning and implementation
  • Meet regularly to discuss Scholars who may be struggling to identify solutions and strategies to support them
  • Communicate program or policy changes to the Campus Liaison
  • Partner to create communications highlighting DSSP programming
  • Reinforce important campus messages

Daniels Scholar Success Program Support and Programming component

The Daniels Fund believes we are only one component of the support a student receives in their pursuit of a college education. Our unique collaboration with our college and university partners delivers the most cohesive, effective support to Daniels Scholars.

The Daniels Fund requires a minimum of three programming activities each academic year designed to connect Daniels Scholars with each other and campus services.

These activities should/may occur at these times of year:

  • Back-to-school gathering
  • Mid-point gathering
  • Year-end gathering

Institutions may decide how best to execute these gatherings. The Daniels Fund expects the stipend will be used in part to host these opportunities to connect.

Academic support

The DSSP should expose Daniels Scholars to opportunities for academic support in advising, tutoring, connecting with learning communities, and first/second year programming. For third and fourth year Scholars, we ask you to include internship and/or career opportunities. Keep in mind that the Daniels Scholarship is a four-year scholarship; academic support should be provided in the spirit of helping Scholars achieve their degree within those four years. 

Personal and Social support

It is our hope that the Campus Liaison fosters opportunities for our Scholars to connect with various campus resources. These resources could include financial aid, housing, health, student employment, career services, clubs, and organizational involvement.

Leadership Opportunities Component

It is Bill Daniels’ intent that the personal growth gained by Daniels Scholars through leadership opportunities result in a desire to give back to their communities. The DSSP should foster opportunities of this nature.

DSSP Leadership

Leadership roles for Daniels Scholars may take a variety of forms given the diversity and creativity of participating campuses. These opportunities might include a role for a Daniels Scholar coordinator position.

The coordinator would:

  • Assist the Campus Liaison as needed to execute the DSSP on campus
  • Develop materials (flyers, postcards, etc.)
  • Communicate with other Scholars on behalf of the Campus Liaison or DSSP, as appropriate
  • Participate in planning campus activities for Scholars   

This could be a volunteer or work-study position. Interested campuses may contact their SRO to discuss using a portion of the stipend to offset hourly costs or other forms of compensation determined to be appropriate.

General Leadership

Daniels Scholars are selected, in part, for demonstrated and potential leadership and their potential to give back to the community. The Daniels Fund recognizes the abundance of leadership and community service opportunities on college campuses, and we encourage Scholars to continue their leadership experiences.

Daniels Scholars are ideal candidates for:

  • Community service or civic engagement
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Internships and/or career opportunities

For more information regarding the Daniels Scholars Success Program, please contact the designated Scholar Relations Officer.


For a listing of Daniels Scholar Relations Officers:

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