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Arrival and Transportation in Denver

Airport and Arrival

When booking your flights to come to Denver, Denver International Airport (DEN or DIA) is the closest airport to our campus. The airport is about 23 miles (37km) from Downtown Denver, where MSU Denver is located. Below are a few options for getting to Downtown Denver from the airport.

Taxi Services and Shuttles

Taking a Lyft, Uber, or taxi are all popular ways to get to your accommodations when you first arrive in Denver. These options are typically more expensive than using Denver's RTD Light Rail (see next section). However, a taxi or similar service will take you directly to the address you need. You will need to have the "app" on your phone to use Lyft or Uber, but regular taxis are available at the airport without needing an additional reservation.

If you are going to be staying in a hotel upon your initial arrival, be aware that some hotels offer shuttle services to and from the airport. You should check with your hotel to see if this is a service they offer. If the shuttle service is offered, it is often free for you to use.

Rail Transportation to Downtown Denver

If you do not want to take a taxi, there is another easy way to get to Downtown Denver from the airport! The A Line of Denver's RTD Light Rail system makes it quick and simple for you to arrive at Union Station, centrally located in Downtown Denver. Simply purchase a ticket for the A Line as you leave the airport and catch one of the many A Line trains that arrive at the airport every 15 - 30minutes. Tickets are $9 and include unlimited rides on the A Line as well as the entire RTD Light Rail system for one business day. Read important information about taking the RTD Light Rail from the airport online:

After arriving in Union Station (about a 30 minute train ride), many students will take a Lyft or taxi to their hotel or apartment. If your accommodations are near Union Station, you may be able to walk to your destination. More information about taxis and Lyft can be found below in the Taxi Services section.

Ground Transportation

There a variety of different ways to get around Denver after you arrive. Depending on where you live, you may find that there are many things that are within walking-distance from your apartment or house. MSU Denver's centrally located campus makes it easy to quickly get to downtown restaurants and businesses on-foot when you are done with your classes for the day.

Many students also ride their bicycles to campus when the weather is nice. If you choose to get a bicycle, make sure to wear a helmet and follow bicycle safety and traffic laws!

Public Transportation

As a student at MSU Denver, you will be eligible for the RTD CollegePass. The RTD is Denver's bus and rail transit system. It allows you a variety of routes and options for getting around Denver for much less than a taxi. The RTD website has excellent options to help you plan your trip or your daily commute to MSU Denver's campus. 

You can get your RTD CollegePass at the Tivoli ID Station, which is located in Tivoli Station (the university bookstore). This is the same place where you can get your Student ID card. 

Taxi Services

If public transportation is not the best option for you, using a taxi or taxi-style service may be another easy way for you to get around Denver. Below are some taxi services that are popular in Denver:

App services which require an installation of an "app" on your smart phone, are also very popular and accessible to use in Denver. These services require that your phone allow for GPS location and that you pay with a credit card or bank account on the app. Below are two of the most popular taxi-style app services:

Driving in Denver

If you plan to get a car or drive while you are in Denver, please review the Driving and Getting a Car section of our website.

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