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Secure Short-Term Housing

Metropolitan State University of Denver is a non-residential commuter campus. This means that we do not provide on-campus housing to our students. As a result, finding an apartment or house near campus is probably one of the first things you will want to do after being admitted to MSU Denver. It is your responsibility to find and secure housing before classes begin for the semester. This is not the responsibility of MSU Denver.

If you will only be studying in Denver for one semester, you will want to find an apartment that can offer a short-term lease. Most leases for students who are here for 2 semesters or more are for 10-12 months. If you will be here for 2 semesters, please review our Housing section for more details about longer lease options.

The Regency

Though we do not have on-campus housing, the Regency is an apartment complex just for university students. The Regency is willing to do a short-term lease for J-1 exchange students for the one semester (5 months) that you will be studying in Denver. This offer is only for their "villas" and their "double units" (view floorplans online). For Spring 2018, the villas are $1059/month, and the doubles are $650/month. You will notice that the cost on their website is lower since it is for a 12 month lease, not a 5 month lease.

Please be aware that if you want to apply for either of these two floorplans, you will be required to pay for all 5 months in advance to take advantage of this deal that they are offering.

For Spring 2018, the dates of the short-term lease lease are January 12, 2018 - May 31, 2018.

If you plan to apply for housing with the Regency, you should mention that you are an MSU Denver exchange student who will only be here for one semester in the "comments" section of the online application. This will help them give you the correct leasing information. 

Other Options

 If you are not interested in student housing, there are some useful websites to help you find the apartment or house that is right for you:

Another way to look for apartments or rooms available for rent is through the community website This site is useful for finding things like housing, furniture, bicycles, etc., but be wary of potential scams. If you are going to look at a prospective apartment, it is a good idea to bring a friend with you for safety. Additionally, be careful with payment interactions and transferring money to someone you do not know. Newspapers such as the Denver Post and Westword are also good resources to use for housing. 

Finding a Roommate

Another popular and modern way to look for housing is through the website RoomSurf. RoomSurf is a way for you to look for other MSU Denver students who need a roommate or are looking for rentals in the Denver area. The website will allow you to create a profile based upon your own preferences, major, and interests so that you can be placed with a roommate who has similar roommate preferences. RoomSurf provides an additional housing resource guide and information for students to access. This service is available ONLY to MSU Denver students.

  • You must visit to login using facebook credentials. Note: A basic facebook profile is required.
  • Then use the following pass key to access the service. This pass key is case sensitive.

Additional Tips When Searching For An Apartment

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