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The I-20

Your Immigration Document

Your I-20 is the immigration document that demonstrates your legal status and presence in the United States.  It is created by the Admissions Office upon your admission to MSU Denver and you will be required to maintain it for the duration of your F-1 status. 

The International Admissions Counselor will work with you to collect the documents required for your initial I-20 when you apply to MSU Denver. Take some time to review the required documents for the I-20 before you apply to MSU Denver.  

Once you are a student at MSU Denver, you need to request a new I-20 if you change your major or degree level. If you are a current student and think you may need a new I-20, you can read more about Changing Your Degree or Major.

If you lose or damage your I-20, change your personal information such as your name, or add a dependent, you need to request a new I-20, using the I-20 Request Form.

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