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Meeting Full-Time Enrollment Requirements

As an international student, you are required to enroll in classes full time during the fall and spring semesters.

Full-Time Enrollment

If you are an undergraduate student, 12 hours is considered full-time.

If you are a graduate student, 6 hours is considered full-time.

As an international student, only one online class per semester counts toward full-time enrollment. This means you must be enrolled in mostly traditional classes that require presence in a classroom.


Exemption from Full-Time Enrollment

There are several acceptable reasons for a full-time exemption. If you think you qualify for a full-time exemption, you and your academic advisor must complete a Full Time Enrollment Exemption Request and submit it to the International Student Support Coordinator. If it is approved,you will be allowed to enroll less than full-time for one semester. The following reasons may qualify you for a full-time exemption:

  • You are in your first semester, and you have initial difficulty with the English language (1 semester maximum)
  • You are in your first semester, and you have initial difficulty with reading requirements or teaching methods (1 semester maximum)
  • You are placed in an improper course level (1 semester maximum)
  • You have unfamiliarity with American teaching methods (1 semester maximum)
  • You are in your final semester and do not need to enroll full-time in order to complete your coursework (1 semester maximum)
  • You are a graduate student, your coursework is completed, and you are ABD (all but dissertation)* (6 semester maximum)
  • You have a documented medical issue that is so severe that it prevents you from studying full-time (2 semester maximum)

*If you are ABD, you only need to submit the Full-Time Exemption Form once.


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