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On-Campus Employment

As an F-1 international student at MSU Denver, you are permitted to work on-campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the school year. During the winter and summer breaks, you may work more than 20 hours per week on-campus. 

Your passport and I-20 must remain valid for the entire duration of your on-campus employment.

If you are looking for employment opportunities, you can search for MSU Denver jobs online. Be aware that you will not be eligible for "Work-Study" positions. Look for the positions that say "Hourly" or "Student Hourly" when reviewing possible employment opportunities.

Any positions that are a part of MSU Denver, or any position that is part of the "AHEC" system (the Auraria Higher Education Center), is considered on-campus employment. Working at another school, such as the Community College of Denver or University of Colorado, is not permitted without additional off-campus work authorization, such as CPT. Employment at an apartment complex, restaurant, organization, or other business that is not part of MSU Denver or AHEC is considered off-campus employment and requires additional authorization from International Student Support. See the Off-Campus Employment section for more details regarding work authorization. 

Contact International Student Support with any questions you have about employment regulations for international students. 

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