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The mission of the Student Academic Success Center is to support the mission of MSU Denver and promote an environment that develops and engages a diverse community of learners.  Our philosophy is to ensure students attain their academic and personal goals, while leading and collaborating with the campus community in the areas of students success, engagement and retention.


Tutoring Program

The MSU Denver Tutoring Center provides a diverse range of individual and group peer-tutoring services to all currently enrolled MSU Denver students FREE OF CHARGE in both lower division and upper division courses.  Tutors are professionally trained, competent in subject material, and areas such as diversity, learning styles, and communication.  Students may either come in for tutoring during specified walk-in hours for a course, or they can schedule a one on one appointment online.  

Supplemental Instruction

The supplemental instruction program provides academic assistance to students by providing regularly scheduled, out-of-class peer facilitated study sessions.  SI sessions are regularly-scheduled, informal review sessions in which students compare notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and predict test items.  Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together.  All SI sessions are facilitated by SI leaders who have previously done well in the course and who attend all class lectures, take notes, and act as model students.  

Federal TRiO Student Support Services

The Federal TRiO Student Support program is a Federal grant funded program that provides academic and student support to students with disabilities, low income, or first generation students.  The program is designed to help selected students who meet these criteria to overcome social and cultural barriers to higher education.

Scholar Success Program

The Scholar Success program provides academic support services, leadership development programs, and enrichment activities to scholarship students.  The program assists students in reaching their full academic potential and achieving their goals for graduation.

College Completion Program

Our goal is to help students resolve specific issues, attain academic success and graduate from MSU Denver.  We provide individualized support to students in overcoming academic obstacles or barriers, and act as a student advocate when appropriate. 

Brother to Brother

Brother to Brother (B2B) is an Urban Male Initiative Program that is designed to assist students to build strong study habits, organizational skills, and test taking skills. B2B develops social activities to create a sense of community for male students including the development of friendships with peers and students.

Immigrant Services Program

The Immigrant Services Program provides academic support and tutoring services to immigrants, refugees, undocumented students and non-native English speaking students.

Fostering Success Program

The MSU Denver Fostering Success Program supports independent MSU Denver student who come from foster care, kinship care, group home, or orphaned backgrounds. The goal of the Fostering Success program is to create a community of support for students and help them reach the goal of graduation and securing a job after graduation. The Fostering Success program consists of a network of MSU Denver Faculty and Staff dedicated to walking alongside students and supporting them in all areas of life.  

Transfer Services Program provides academic support for transferring students coming in to MSU Denver. 

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Need Tutoring?

 Are you looking for tutoring in a specific course subject?

 Tutoring is available FREE OF CHARGE to ALL MSU Denver Students  in a variety of subjects.

 The MSU Denver Tutoring Center is located at Student Success Building, Second Floor, Room 220. Please call 303-615-1919 or visit the Tutoring Center website for tutoring availability.