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Summer Workshops

In College Works, you will be able to participate in a series of workshops intended to enhance your knowledge of resources and skills in college.


Communication with Faculty:

One of the various workshops that you can is how to communicate with your professors. In this workshop, you go over the correct way to send a complaint, ask questions, and overall professional communication skills. You’ll be guided from Faculty and Peer Mentors with examples of emails. Learn why it’s important, how you can achieve good communication, and what to avoid.


Financial Aid:

Another workshop that aims to better support or benefit from is the Financial Aid workshop. This workshop gives you a lot of inside information about MSU Denver and the Financial Aid; employees from the department come in and discuss frequent problems with you; account holds, scholarships, deadlines, College Opportunity Fund, etc.  By interacting with financial aid representatives-- you’re able to receive personal attention and answers to your questions . They go over the cost of tuition and provide you help to finish your financial aid if you have an incomplete application.


Emotional Intelligence:

This workshops focused around three facets: consciousness of self, consciousness of others, and consciousness of context. Before even touching on these three main facets they go over basic assumption about leadership; what it is and, how it is available to all of us can be learned and  requires inner work. Here, you learn that being a leader and followers alike often work together toward a common end. Moreover, how at any moments we can go from follower to leader or vice versa depending on the context situation.

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