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We understand that unexpected events may cause students to withdraw from their courses at MSU Denver, but withdrawing has many important consequences, both academic and financial.  To be sure you are making an informed decision, we urge you to visit with a College Completion Coordinator located in the Student Academic Success Center before you decide to withdraw from MSU Denver.

Our staff provides support to students and their families when a student's enrollment is unexpectedly interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances (personal, family, medical or mental health reasons, and/or other crisis).  If a withdrawal is necessary, it is best to start with visiting with a College Completion Coordinator to discuss the implications and viability of withdrawing, as well as, any alternative academic options that may exist. 

The staff in the College Completion Office will explain the MSU Denver withdrawal procedures, provide financial aid literacy for students who are contemplating withdrawing, provide specific academic advising/counseling for students withdrawing, determine if institutional resources are better alternatives than withdrawing, determine alternative ways to assist with graduation requirements and much more.  

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing?

To drop a course means you are going to maintain enrollment for the academic semester. Dropping all courses at MSU Denver constitutes a "withdrawal from the university."

What is the Term Withdrawal procedure at MSU Denver?

A withdrawal from the university occurs when students drop all of their courses within a semester. Students may drop all of their courses through the middle of the term of instruction using "Student Hub" or by visiting with a College Completion Coordinator located in the Student Success Building (2nd floor next to the Student Academic Success Center, Suite 238).

Undergraduate students are strongly advised to seek guidance regarding the impact of withdrawal from the university by scheduling a meeting with a College Completion Coordinator to discuss all options and available resources provided to students at MSU Denver.  Any student, who starts classes at MSU Denver, applies for and obtains financial aid, and then withdraws from classes may have their financial aid adjusted accordingly to Federal, State, and institutional regulations.  

Title IV funds are awarded to students under the assumption they will attend school for the entire period that the aid is awarded.  Upon withdrawing from MSU Denver, a student may no longer be eligible for the entire amount of the Title IV aid they were awarded and/or received.  The MSU Denver financial aid office is required to calculate how much the Title IV aid the student is eligible for. Federal regulations state that a student earns Title IV aid based on the period of time they remain enrolled for a particular term.  Please see Financial Aid Withdrawal Policies for more information regarding how withdrawing from the university can affect your current and future financial aid.  

Who do I need to contact if I am considering a university withdrawal?

Contact Will Mellion, Associate Director of College Completion BEFORE you decide to withdraw or drop all classes from MSU Denver.  To schedule a meeting you can visit our office in the Student Success Building, Suite 170, or call 303-605-5420 or e-mail at


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