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What is Re-Engagement?

Re-Engagement is a specific program that offers proactive outreach to students who are contemplating a university withdrawal, as well as, those who have previously withdrawn from MSU Denver before earning a degree. The intention of the Re-Engagement program is to reach out to this population of students in efforts to assist with a “timely re-entry plan” back into MSU Denver and ultimately graduate with a degree.  Our office assists students in identifying and developing a comprehensive plan towards graduation, and facilitates communication between students and university departments.

The goal of this program is to help students achieve academic success and ultimately graduate from MSU Denver.  We do understand that many times students must leave their studies before earning a degree for several reasons; many of these students leave with the intentions of re-entering at a later time to finish where they left off and complete their degree.  Our staff works with this population of students to develop a “timely re-entry plan” back into MSU Denver by discussing any questions on holds, suspensions, financial obligations, CAPP reports/adjustments, etc. 

Please contact our office for more information about the Re-Engagement program to get started on your next step towards finishing your DEGREE!!

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