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College Completion Program

Our goal is to help students resolve specific issues, attain academic success and graduate from MSU Denver.  We provide individualized support to students in overcoming academic obstacles or barriers, and act as a student advocate when appropriate.  The College Completion Program consists of three parts:

College Completion

  • Provides students with research based, best practices degree completion strategies
  • Provides students with catalog specific academic advising
  • Advocate for students by collaborating with the university's departments and chairs
  • Provide students with campus and community resources
  • Help students determine alternative ways to assist with graduation requirements (e.g. CAPP Adjustments or credit reductions)


  • Provide structure to students contemplating leaving or withdrawing from MSU Denver, by providing students with potential consequences of completing a university withdrawal
  • Provide catalog specific academic advising/counseling for student exiting MSU Denver
  • Determine if institutional resources are a better alternative than dropping out or withdrawing
  • Assist students in developing a specific timeline for re-entry back into MSU Denver


  • Provide specific outreach to students who have left MSU Denver with at least 90 credits completed
  • Develop a comprehensive plan towards graduation for this population of students
  • Provide advocacy to students re-entering MSU Denver and facilitate communication between departments and students

Contact Us:

Student Success Building - Second Floor, Suite 230
College Completion Program
Office Hours: Monday-Friday | 8:00am – 5:00pm

Will Mellion, Ph.D.
Associate Director of College Completion
Office: 303.605.5426

Lauren Koppel, M.A.
Coordinator of Scholar Success and Leadership
Office: 303.605.5419

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