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Enrollment Verification

Students often ask us to verify their enrollment at MSU Denver for insurance discounts, employee reimbursement plans, and other reasons. If you need us to verify your enrollment, you can submit a request in person, by mail, or by fax. Self-service enrollment verifications are available through the National Student Clearinghouse link in STUDENT HUB.

Third party agencies and individuals requesting your enrollment status will only receive directory information unless you authorize (in writing with a signature) the release of other information.

Self-Service Instructions:

  1. Log in to STUDENT HUB,
  2. Select Main Menu
  3. Select Registration, Student Records & Financial Aid Menu and Insurance Compliance 
  4. Select Students Records
  5. Select Request Enrollment Verification
  6. This will link to the National Student Clearinghouse, in which you will need to login one more time,
  7. Select the options available. You will be able to print your enrollment verification as needed.

If you are unable to use the self-service option, we do have a form available in our "Forms" section here

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