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Student Forms

Administrative Withdrawal

This form can be used to request for an administrative withdrawal and is only for extenuating circumstances.

Students can withdraw themselves online prior to the withdrawal deadline, please refer to the Academic Calendar for the specific withdrawal date. Please note: AWs from the current term will not be reviewed until after the withdrawal deadline.

Please remember to consult with an academic advisor prior to withdrawing from your course.

Application for Certificate Summer 2018

Students who are anticipating on receiving a certificate at the end of the term will need to complete this application.

Refer to the documents below on how to apply as well as what you can apply for:

Audit Approval

To audit a course (i.e., to attend without receiving academic credit) you must apply and be admitted to MSU Denver.  Upon receiving your notification of acceptance, contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-556-2686 to request the Audit Approval Form.

Best Grade Stands

This form is not required. The Office of the Registrar will automatically have the Best Grade Stands reflect the student’s academic record at the end of each term. This form is only if you wish to have your grade updated prior to the end of the term.

  • Last Grade Stands (prior to Summer 2013):  If a student’s academic record does not reflect a last grade stands for a course, send a notification to the Office of the Registrar at to update the student’s record.  
  • Best Grade Stands (Fall 2013 forward):  The Office of the Registrar is in the process of automatically applying best grade stands to student records.  If a student needs the Best Grade Stands to reflect on their academic record immediately, they may complete and submit the Best Grade Stands form to the Office of the Registrar at the Student Success Building, Suite 160 (#3), or email the request to
  • Grade Replacement (archived for Fall 2013-Summer 2014):  Grade replacement is no longer an active policy.  The 18 hour limit for those students who have initiated a grade replacement will start fresh fall 2015 with Best Grade Stands.

Change of Information

To change last name, preferred first name, address, ssn, phone, DOB, gender. 

NOTE: Changing your name, SSN, or DOB requires legal documentation (refer to the form for details). 

Credit by Examination

To request departmental credit by examination for a specific course.

COF Waiver

To apply for more COF hours after you've reached your 145 limit.

Declaration/Change of Majors and Minors Form

To change a major/minor, catalog year, or certificate program. An advisor's signature is required. 

Diploma Replacement Order Form

To order a replacement diploma.

Enrollment Verification To show proof of enrollment at MSU Denver.

FERPA Release

Student consent to release confidential information.  This form must be submitted in-person with a photo ID or mailed/faxed with a notarized signature.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that is administered by the Family Policy Compliance Office (Office) in the U.S. Department of Education (Department). 20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99. FERPA applies to all educational agencies and institutions (e.g., schools) that receive funding under any program administered by the U.S. Department of Education. Once a student reaches 18 years of age or attends a postsecondary institution, he or she becomes an "eligible student," and all rights formerly given to parents under FERPA transfer to the student. More information on FERPA can be found HERE.


Fresh Start Application

Application to apply for certain semesters to be removed from GPA and academic credit.  Will not change Financial Aid satisfactory academic progress evaluation. 

General Studies Attribute Approval

For use when a course needs to be approved for a general studies requirement.

Graduation Application Addendum

Once you have applied for graduation, if you receive notification that there is an adjustment that needs to be made to your application, you will need to complete this form.

Inter-Institutional Application

For MSU Denver students interested in taking an interinstitutional course at the Community College of Denver.

Non-Disclosure of Directory Information

To ensure no Directory Information will be disclosed to anyone without your express, written request.   

Notary Service Request

Request for notarized copies of transcript/diploma. 

Pass/Fail Form

To request a Pass/Fail option for a class, as opposed to normal grading options of A, B, C, D, F. This is restricted to general elective classes only. Contact the Office of the Registrar at to request a copy or stop by the Registrar’s Office in Student Success Building 160 to pick one up.    

Selective Service Registration Compliance

To temporarily remove your Selective Service Hold.

Walk Only

This is for students who will not be graduating until the summer but wish to walk in Spring Commencement. This is not a graduation application. Walking in Commencement does not mean you have graduated.
Work-Study Application  Application for work study position in the Office of the Registrar. Please contact the Registrar's office to see if we are hiring.

**Please contact your department for Incomplete Agreement forms.**


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