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Course Rotation

Please note, the rotation schedule below is subject to change based upon budget and staffing constraints.  Minimum enrollment must be met for a course to be offered.

The psychology core, offered prior to Fall 2010, was phased out. The final offering of PSY 2320 was in Fall 2013 and the final offering of PSY 3310 was in Spring 2014. A new core sequence is now in place. If you are in a catalog year prior to Fall 2011 and have not completed the core sequence, please see a psychology advisor.


Course #

Course Title

2018 Spring

2018 Summer

2018 Fall

Psychology Core
1001 Introductory Psychology X X X
2330 Statistics Research Methods for Soc and Beh I X X X
2340 Statistics Research Methods for Soc and Beh II X X X
3300 Applications of Research Methods X X X
3320 Advanced Psychological Research Methods X   X
4510 History & Systems of Psychology X X X
 2018 Spring
 2018 Summer
2018 Fall
2410 Social Psychology X  X  X
3050 Psychology of Gender X  X  X
3450 Organizational Psychology X    X
3700 Psychology of Group Prejudice X  X  X
 2018 Spring
2018 Summer
2018 Fall
2150 Positive Psychology X X X
3000 Theories of Personality X   X
3620 Abnormal Psychology X   X
4100 Intro to Clinical/Counseling X   X
 2018 Spring
2018 Summer
2018 Fall
4520 Sensation & Perception X   X
4530 Psychology of Learning X   X
4540 Behavioral Neuroscience X X X
4570 Cognitive Psychology X   X
2018 Spring
2018 Summer
2018 Fall
2210 Psychology of Human Development X X X
3250 Child Psychology X X X
3260 Psychology of Adolescence X X X
3270 Adulthood & Aging X X X
HDV Core
 2018 Spring
2018 Summer
2018 Fall
3280 Developmental Research Methods X   X
3340 Cognitive Development & Learning X X X
3350 Psychology of Social Development X X X
4960 Senior Thesis in Human Development X   X
 2018 Spring
2018 Summer
2018 Fall
1800 Developmental Educational Psych X X X
2001 Careers and Professional Development in Psychology X   X
2110 Educational Psychology X    
2240 Parenting Techniques     X
2270 Death & Dying X   X
2310 Intro to Statistics for the Soc Sci for Non-Majors X   X
2850 Psychology of Sexuality X   X
3030 Multicultural Psychology X   X
3070 Psychology of Sexual Orientation X   X
3240 Infancy X   X
3400 Psychology of Exceptional Children     X
3440 Cravings & Addictions  X   X
3470 Psychology of Violence & Aggression  X X X
3560 Psychopharmacology     X
3980 Internship in Psychology X   X
4150 Intro to Psychological Assessment     X*
4410 Human Factors Engineering X    
4450 Advanced Statistics X**    

Occasional Special

Topics Electives
2018 Spring
2018 Summer
2018 Fall
295C Psychology of Sleeping & Dreaming      X
295D Sports & Performance Psych      X
3380 Clinical Neuropsychology X    
342G Forensic Psychology X    

*PSY 4150 (Intro to Psychological Assessment) will be offered in fall of 2016, then in odd years only (e.g. 2019, 2021)

**PSY 4450 (Advanced Statistics) will be offered even years only (e.g. 2018, 2020)

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