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Press Release

U.S. Department of Education provides Student Support Services $1.4 million TRIO grant renewal

Contact: Tim Carroll, Office 303-556-5136, Cell 303-870-7705

Posted: August 30, 2010

(Denver, Colo.) — The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has renewed Metropolitan State College of Denver’s Student Support Services (SSS) program grant totaling $1.4 million. The five-year Federal TRIO grant takes effect Sept. 1, 2010, with funds earmarked for support services.

TRIO grants identify and provide services to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. The SSS program enables continued support to students who are the first generation in their family to attend college, are low-income or have a disability. Although the grant doesn’t offer direct funding toward college expenses such as tuition, SSS does provide support to students in helping them apply for financial aid as well as scholarships.

“Our consistent renewal of our TRIO programs is a testament to the more than three decades of success Metro State has had supporting at-risk and/or underrepresented populations,” Metro State President Stephen Jordan says. “As we strive to improve overall student retention, it is programs like these that serve as a model from which we all can learn.”

SSS provides personalized support for up to 200 Metro State students annually, so they may successfully access academic advising, tutoring, financial aid, career counseling, computer assistance and social engagement opportunities.

“The grant supports our ability to provide the kinds of services that help these students stay in school and graduate,” says Vice President for Student Services Kathleen MacKay. “Ultimately, it supports Metro State’s mission.”

Interim Director of Student Support Services David Luker says the renewal grant reaffirms that “the education of all students, regardless of their social, economic or disability status, is an important cornerstone of society.”

In addition to SSS, Metro State also offers two additional TRIO programs, Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) and High School Upward Bound (HSUB). VUB has supported more than 120 students annually since 1973 through education support services designed to remove any apprehensions veterans, as nontraditional students, may have about entering postsecondary education. HSUB has supported approximately 70 high school students annually since 1973 through a program designed to service low-income and academically at-risk students within a five-mile radius of the Metro State campus.

The majority of students enrolled within Metro State’s support programs are identified through referrals. To determine eligibility for one of Metro State’s TRIO Programs please contact Student Support Services at 303-556-4722.


About Metropolitan State College of Denver

With more than 23,000 students, Metro State is Colorado’s leader in educating undergraduate Coloradans, and is one of the largest four-year public colleges in the nation. Starting in the fall of 2010, the College is offering master’s degrees in accounting and teacher education. The College enrolls the highest number of students of color among four-year colleges in the state. It boasts 67,500 alumni, with the bulk of them remaining in Colorado after graduation.