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Press Release

Metro State profs available to address Michael Jackson memorial/legacy

Posted: July 6, 2009

(Denver, Colo.) — The recent passing of entertainer Michael Jackson has stirred lots of questions about his life, legacy and the future for his children. The following Metropolitan State College of Denver professors are available to discuss the below topics:

Tomorrow’s memorial service in Los Angeles will mark a day when millions of people across the world will be watching or talking about the entertainer’s life and legacy. Assistant Chair and Professor of Psychology Mary Ann Watson can address why there would be such an outpouring of emotions for someone they probably have not met in person. Dr. Watson’s expertise includes issues surrounding death and dying.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing Darrin Duber-Smith can address how Jackson’s legacy may be marketed. In light of his controversial life, will his legacy be sustainable like that of other entertainers, for example Elvis. Professor Duber-Smith’s expertise includes consumerism, promotion strategies, and social responsibility.

Assistant Professor of Social Work Larry Curry, a family therapist, can address the legal battle that will surround Jackson’s children. What will the judge look at when determining what will be the best home for the children? Is a biological parent automatically the best fit? Does the age of a potential guardian play a factor?

Professor of Human Services Shawn Worthy, who has recently completed research on raising children of privilege, can address the life children face when everyone is afraid to say “no” to them. He can also address at what age he believes Jackson’s childhood ended, and how that affected how he lived from that point. Dr. Worthy’s expertise includes crisis intervention, family dynamics and high-risk youth.


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