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Posted: November 26, 2008

The following Metropolitan State College of Denver professors are available to lend their expertise for holiday-themed stories.

Finding holiday savings without spending any money: Assistant Professor of Accounting Allan S. Rosenbaum can address how family’s can save money during what can often be an expensive season. While many are looking for the best deals to save money on airfares, rental cars and gifts, Rosenbaum suggests the best gift might in end-of-year tax planning. Contact Professor Rosenbaum at 303-619-7333.

New Year’s Resolution? Fit at any size: Professor of Human Performance and Sport Joe Quatrochi is available to show viewers how to maintain an exercise routine through the holiday season. The cancer survivor believes there’s a routine for everyone. His expertise includes physical activity and disease prevention, physical activity and heart disease. Contact Professor Quatrochi at 303-358-0860.

Sitting at the holiday table with family that irks you: Professor and clinical psychologist Shawn Worthy can provide tips to make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable, including developing realistic expectations and creating family traditions. His expertise includes family systems, mental health and teen suicide. Contact Professor Worthy at 303-550-2414.

How will President Bush and President-elect Obama spend the holidays?: Political Science Professor Norman Provizer can address how president-elects and presidents have traditionally celebrated the holidays. He has expertise in a number of areas, including constitutional law, public policy, as well as media and politics. Contact Professor Provizer at 303-809-5696.

Your turn to cook holiday dinner?: The Hospitality, Tourism and Events Department has a team of professionals available to discuss budget-wise and health-conscious meals, holiday desserts, wine/food pairings and alternatives to the traditional ham and turkey. Michael Wray, director of restaurant management, Jackson Lamb, director of culinary management, and Shelly Owens, director of culinary arts are available for on-air cooking and meal-prep demonstrations.

Tough economy, but no need to skim on safe holiday toys: Industrial Design Professor David Klein offers smart shopping tips to consumers as they continue to look for safe toys for children leading up to the Christmas holiday. Contact Professor Klein at 720-212-4224.

Finding the right fitness equipment for your exercise routine: Professor of Human Performance and Sport Marc Rabinoff is available to discuss the safety hazards consumers need to be aware of when purchasing exercise equipment. He can address personal trainer qualifications, fitness fraud, and health club standards. Call Professor Rabinoff at 303-594-3101.

The professors can be contacted directly at the above numbers or through Angelia McGowan at 303-556-5133 or


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