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Prof available to address al-Qaida in Algeria

Is imprisonment the solution?

Posted: June 12, 2008

Jail for the attackers is not enough to respond to Sunday’s bomb attacks on a train station in Algeria that killed 13 people, says Mohammed Akacem, an economics professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

“What the West and the Arab/Islamic countries need to focus on to fight terrorism is not ‘rounding up the usual suspects,’” says Akacem, a former economist with the African Development Bank, the Algerian Ministry of Energy, and the Saudi Fund for Development. “We need to focus our energies more on the fundamental factors that are causing these groups to strike.

“These can be found in the home countries themselves and relate to the lack of any or hardly any rule of law, lack of property rights, lack of hope and economic gains despite record oil prices, and endemic corruption. Jailing these suspects is not enough. If that was the solution, we would not see as much action as we are in the Arab and Islamic countries. Yet, from Morocco to Pakistan, violent strikes by these groups continue.”

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