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Press Release

Profs available to comment on outcome of Indiana and North Carolina primaries

Posted: May 6, 2008

Denver –Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are facing off again in crucial primaries as voters in Indiana and North Carolina crowd polls today seeking to settle the largest remaining contests in an epic Democratic presidential nomination struggle. It’s strange on both sides says Norman Provizer, political science professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

“The Democrats have been blessed by too many riches in one year, while the Republicans have a candidate that had been written off, but was able to revive himself because there was no clear frontrunner,” says Provizer. “On the Democrats side someone’s going to win, but only by a nose.”

To address the outcome of the primaries, a number of Metro State professors are available, including the following:
Political Science Professor Norman Provizer has expertise in political leadership and elections. He has extensive media experience commenting on a variety of national and local political issues for The Boston Globe, The Denver Post, the Rocky Mountain News, 9NEWS, KOA Radio, FOX31, CW2 and 7NEWS. He can be reached at 303-809-5696.

Derrick Hudson, assistant professor of African and African American Studies, can provide perspective on how the words of the Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., former pastor of Obama’s church, has impacted his run for U.S. presidency. Hudson’s guest column ( that addresses the controversial relationship ran in the online edition of The Denver Post on April 11. Hudson’s expertise includes race relations, African Americans and U.S. politics and theological issues. He can be reached at 720-297-0526.

Associate Professor of Political Science Richard Moeller has expertise in democracy, American foreign and military policy, international security, politics and the media. He has been interviewed by 9NEWS, 7NEWS and KOA Radio. He can be reached at 303-556-6952.

To coordinate an interview with any of Metro State’s professors, please contact Angelia McGowan at 303-556-5133 or


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