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Press Release

Economics prof available to address significance of record oil prices during presidential campaigns

Posted: January 3, 2008

Denver - The price of a barrel of oil hit the $100 mark yesterday for the first time in history.

While there is no magic price that will make the U.S. economy go into a recession, the $100 milestone, combined with a housing slump, lingering credit crisis, and unrest in various countries, can put a squeeze on U.S. consumers, according to Mohammed Akacem, an economics professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Akacem is available to address the significance of oil prices to the U.S. as its citizens move closer to electing a new president. Akacem, an expert on OPEC and petroleum and development issues, is a former economist with the African Development Bank, the Algerian Ministry of Energy, and the Saudi Fund for Development.

To set up an interview, contact Angelia McGowan at 303-556-5133.