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Governance Task Force

The task force is charged to review and recommend policies and actions that will develop a structure of effective shared governance at all levels of MSU Denver. This includes:

  • Soliciting feedback from elected governance leaders advisory group, as well as the MSU Denver community.
    Reviewing the shared principles of shared governance that were developed at the Sept. 2014 Board of Trustees retreat.
  • Soliciting feedback, seek Best Practices from other institutions, and gather criteria for evaluating effective shared governance.
  • Having a transparent process that provides updates to the Board of Trustees, University community and relevant outside groups.
  • Drawing upon key elements of the MSU Denver Strategic Plan – A Time for Transformation, and develop a value statement and guiding principles that demonstrate a commitment to effective shared governance.
  • Providing final recommendation of an effective shared governance structure to the MSU Denver Board of Trustees at the May, 2015 business meeting.

The task force submitted a final report to Dr. Jordan and the Board of Trustees in June, 2015. Please download the report and appendices here: 

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