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Advisory Councils

President Janine Davidson, Ph.D.

Davidson is the ninth president of MSU Denver. She is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and served as the undersecretary of the Navy prior to joining the University in July 2017. Her top priority is ensuring that students receive the support they need to graduate, get good jobs and move up the economic ladder.

Inclusive Leadership

President Davidson believes great leadership needs to be inclusive, and that diverse voices and shared ownership ensures better decision-making and a stronger organizational culture. Learn more.

President’s Advisory Councils

The purpose of the advisory councils is to address strategic issues of critical importance to the University’s mission. Councils are tasked with identifying challenges and providing recommendations for addressing those challenges to senior leadership.


Each council is co-led by a senior faculty member and administrator and includes five to seven core members drawn from faculty, administrators, classified staff and students. Councils are required to solicit feedback from a broad and representative segment of the University community.


Academic Excellence and Student Success

This council will bring strategic, long-term planning to the ways MSU Denver addresses the areas of academic excellence and student success by bringing together diverse perspectives from across the University.


Jeff Loats, Ph.D., director, Center for Teaching, Learning and Design

Nominate a university community member to co-lead this council.


Built Environment and Infrastructure

This council will focus on the challenges and potential of the space on the MSU Denver campuses and ensure that the space aligns with the academic priorities of the institution.

Nominate a university community member to co-lead this council.


Tina Wells, director of facilities planning and space management


Culture and Workplace

This council will identify issues and develop recommendations to improve the employee experience and aid the University in attracting and retaining a diverse and highly qualified workforce.

Nominate a university community member to co-lead this council.


Fiscal Responsibility

This council will provide recommendations that promote the long-term fiscal well-being of MSU Denver. It will focus on the development of a 5-year budget plan, inform the efforts of the Budget Task Force and make recommendations for new funding models.


Rey Hernández-Julián, Ph.D., Professor and Interim Associate Dean, College of Business





This council will examine how MSU Denver can best position itself to adapt to, lead and shape emerging environmental and political trends, such as urbanization, gentrification, affordable housing, the urban-rural divide, and others, to best serve students and the mission.  


Matt Makley, Ph.D., president, Faculty Senate and professor, Department of History


Anthony Grant, Ph.D., Director of Athletics


University Policy

This council was sunset in November 2018

This council will assess the current array of “policies” versus “practices” and recommend a policy on policies, as well as revising the handbook, updating the Board of Trustees manual and recommending areas across the University where authority can be delegated to lower levels.


Nick Stancil, deputy general counsel


Sheila Rucki, Ph.D., associate professor, Department of Political Science