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Grade Appeal

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Authority: Provost

Purpose: This policy states student rights and responsibilities regarding grade appeals.

Applies to: Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible Executive: Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Responsible Administrator: Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Academic Effectiveness

Responsible Office: Provost's Office

Policy Contact: Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Academic Effectiveness, 303-615-1900

Policy Statement

If students have reason to question the validity of a grade received in a course, they must make their request for a change before the end of the fourth week of the semester following the completion of the course (the following fall semester if the course was completed in the spring semester). It is the responsibility of the student to initiate a grade appeal within the time limit and to follow the procedures for grade appeals specified in the University Catalog. All decisions of the Grade Review Committee are final.

Student Grade Appeals

The university supports open communication as the best means to resolve concerns about grades. If a student believes that a grade received for a course does not reflect the quality of the student's work, the first step is to meet with the instructor for the course on an informal basis. The following are the only acceptable grounds for formal grade appeals:

  1. The course grade was assigned on a basis other than performance in the course.
  2. The instructor used standards that were different from those allowed for other students in the same class, or different from those allowed in departmental/college/school policies if specific departmental/college/school grading policies exist.
  3. A substantial and unannounced departure from the instructor’s previously articulated standards was used in assigning the grade.
  4. A permanent “F” has been assigned and the student wishes to appeal.

Only grade appeals based on one or more of the above criteria will be considered. Outside the regular grade change procedure, only the chair of the Grade Review Committee, with proper written authorization from that committee, may initiate the grade exception process.

Exceptions to the Grade Appeal Policy

The Grade Appeal Procedure shall constitute the sole internal administrative remedy for a change in grade, except when a grade dispute involves an Office of Equal Opportunity discrimination complaint. If a grade dispute arises from an issue that is covered under the university’s Equal Opportunity policies, which address discrimination on the basis of race, color, disability, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or status, such as Vietnam-era disabled veteran, the student should contact the Office of Equal Opportunity. The Office of Equal Opportunity process for resolution takes precedence over the university’s grade appeal process.

Policy History

Effective: November 2016

Source: University Catalog,

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